Monday, August 4, 2014

New Release: Catacombs by Devon Ashley

Catacombs by Devon Ashley
Published Date: August 2014
Publisher: Self
Genre: New Adult

The Story: No one will hear her scream.

More than five years have passed since Emily was accidentally infected with the blood of a pure vampire. Now a member of this elite secret organization, it’s time for her to run her trials and determine her place within the hierarchy. After an awkward evening with her leader Gaius, she wants nothing more than to get back to teaching at the Warrior school for demon hunters. But before she even has the chance to leave, she, Noel and Abby are all summoned to deal with the organization’s dirty little secret. Something deadly has been trapped within the catacombs beneath their headquarters for centuries, waiting for the day to wreak vengeance. That day has finally come – and the horror of what lies beneath may destroy them all.


      Scanning the names on her list, Gaius wasn’t surprised that these were the ones dragging their feet. Four he knew were being hunted for one reason or another, three had pretty much been live-in residents who he was ready to start charging rent, and the last four didn’t come off as being very friendly – they probably didn’t have anywhere else to go. But none of that was his problem. It had been more than fifty years since the last time he cleared the house, and quite frankly, some of the damn birds needed to be kicked out of the nest already.

    “Alright, if they’re not gone by noon, let me know and I’ll personally escort them to the door.”

     “I don’t think that’ll be necessary,” she replied with a hint of humor. “Vivienne’s going around now letting each of them know that at exactly eleven o’clock this morning, she’s resending the invitation to anyone who’s not supposed to be here. If they haven’t left on their own by then, the spell’s going to literally throw them out on their asses.”

     Gaius chuckled. He had no doubt she was going around threatening that, as Vivienne always did everything with a sense of flair, but she’d never actually do it without his permission. And she knew he’d never approve.

     “Still. Come get me if there’s an issue, not Viv–”

     To their surprise, the door opened wide and Emily stormed through, her arms moving to cross over her chest. Her eyes met his, but the light didn’t sparkle off them like they normally did, not when she was narrowing them so tightly in his direction. And standing side by side with Luxleigh still smiling brightly probably wasn’t helping to smooth things over any. He wasn’t blind to the friction between the two, but he felt it was best for them to fix the problem, not him.

     “Who the hell is Vera?” she asked sharply. “And why do I look like her?”

     Cool air pierced his nostrils, filled his chest. Shit.

     Not understanding the importance of her question, Lux mouthed off, “How the hell did you get in here?”

     Emily looked at her like she was an idiot. Of course, Emily didn’t realize the door had a specialized spell that didn’t allow anyone but the house owners to enter without assistance. So if Emily was able to walk right through… The house recognizes her. “It’s called a door knob. You turn it.”


     Gaius quickly placed his hand atop hers, cutting her off. “Lux, take some time to yourself. I’ll come find you later before you go.”


     “Now Luxleigh.” Still put out, she rolled her eyes. Snatching back her tablet, the tension between the two women increased as Lux passed by, both sets of eyes sharp enough to pierce. “And close the door on your way out.”

     She huffed and muttered, “What’s the point? Apparently anyone can walk right through,” before slamming it behind her.

     Well, not really anyone. And if Emily was confused by Lux’s comment, she sure didn’t show it, maintaining her stiffened stance, something more pressing on her mind.

     He cursed inside his head again. Of all the times for Emily to begin discovering the truth.

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