Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Perfection by JL Spelbring

Perfection by JL Spelbring
Published Date: July 2013
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Genre: YA

The StoryThe personification of Aryan purity, Ellyssa's spent her whole life under her creator's strict training and guidance; her purpose is to eradicate inferior beings. She was genetically engineered to be the perfect soldier: strong, intelligent, unemotional, and telepathic.

Only Ellyssa isn't perfect.

Ellyssa feels emotions--a fact she's spent her life concealing. Until she encounters the epitome of inferiority: a dark-haired boy raised among renegades hiding since the Nazis won the war a century ago. He speaks to her telepathically, pushing thoughts into her mind, despite the impossibility of such a substandard person having psychic abilities.

But he does.

His unspoken words and visions of a place she's never visited make Ellyssa question her creator. Confused and afraid her secret will be discovered, Ellyssa runs away, embarking on a journey where she discovers there is more to her than perfection.

My Review: I am so glad that this isn't what happened back during WWII.  We're taken to a world where Hitler won.  And any person  that doesn't have blue eyes, or blonde hair or is fair is considered a renegade and elimintated.  But Ellyssa has found out what her der vater has done, and will do.   JL Spelbring has written a story that is so scary that it could have been true.  OK, that makes no sense.  What I'm trying to say is, the way she writes, and the setting, if things in our history had turned out different, this could be a possible outcome.  That's what makes it seem so scary.  Makes you also glad that we have a very diverse world! 

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