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RUNES Blog Tour by Ednah Walters

Runes Blurb:

Seventeen-year-old Raine Cooper has enough on her plate dealing with her father s disappearance, her mother s erratic behavior and the possibility of her boyfriend relocating. The last thing she needs is Torin St. James a mysterious new neighbor with a wicked smile and uncanny way of reading her. Raine is drawn to Torin s dark sexiness against her better judgment, until he saves her life with weird marks and she realizes he is different. But by healing her, Torin changes something inside Raine. Now she can t stop thinking about him. Half the time, she s not sure whether to fall into his arms or run. Scared, she sets out to find out what Torin is. But the closer she gets to the truth the more she uncovers something sinister about him. What Torin is goes back to an ancient mythology and Raine is somehow part of it. Not only is she and her friends in danger, she must choose a side, but the wrong choice will cost Raine her life.



I am a HUGE fan of Ednah Walters. She is one of my all time favorite Indie authors and one of the few that can write YA and Adult series that blow me away.

When I found out that Ednah started a new YA series, I was so happy! I could not wait to get my hands on this book. BOY WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT! Ednah Walter's has managed to suck me into her world and lock me up with no hope for escape. The characters are amazing and so well developed. The story line NEVER STOPS so you cannot ever stop reading. "One more chapter" only happens when you finish the book and then you read the ending over and over hoping, praying and wishing for MORE! I immediately messaged Ednah when I was done with the book because I was so in love with this story.

This is book 1 in the series. We meet Raine who is already a bit frazzled with what life has given her. When she meets the AMAZING Torin St James, everything goes crazy from there. Mysterious and incredibly gorgeous, Raine is pulled to Torin in a way she has no words for. When she finds out MORE about the mysterious Torin St James, Raine finds herself living in a world that she thought was only myth and has NO CLUE how she fits into the whole grand scheme.

Get your copy of RUNES today and join us in this world of mythology come to life!!


She closed her eyes tight and then quickly opened them and gave me a once over, her eyes lingering on my face and hair with such intensity I started to fidget.

Mortal reaction to my presence never failed to amuse me. Half the time they stammered and blushed. The other half, they became tongue-tied. This was the first time things were reversed. This girl made me uneasy. It was as though she could see through the bullshit to the real me, which was ridiculous. She was just a mere Mortal. I was a legend.

“Have you seen him?” I asked again, eager to get an answer and leave.

“What?” she asked. The single word came out in two syllables.

“I asked if you’d seen Eirik Seville,” I said, “and you shook your head. Does that mean you didn’t understand what I said, don’t know him, or don’t know where he is?”

“I, uh, the third one.” A blush crept up her face, making the freckles more noticeable. “I mean, I don’t know where he is,” she added in a tiny voice.

“He said he would be at the house of...” I knew her name, but I still pulled out the piece of paper from the back of my biker glove, giving myself time to get my thoughts and emotions under control. “Raine Cooper.”

 “That’s me. Lorraine Cooper, but everyone calls me Raine. You know, rain with a silent E,” she said in a chipper voice. “Yeah, well, Eirik’s not here.”

“When do you expect him? Or should I ask when does he usually get here, Raine with an E?” I asked.

She frowned, her chin lifting. “He doesn’t always come here after school, you know. You could try his house or text him.”

About Ednah:

Ednah is the author of The Guardian Legacy series, a YA fantasy series about children of the fallen angels, who fight demons and protect mankind. AWAKENED, the prequel was released in September 2010 with rave reviews. BETRAYED, book one in the series was released by her new publisher Spencer Hill Press in June 2012 and HUNTED, the third installment, will be released April 2013. She s working on the next book in the series, FORGOTTEN. Ednah also writes New Adult paranormal romance. RUNES is the first book in her new series. She is presently working on book 2, IMMORTALS. Under the pseudonym E. B. Walters, Ednah writes contemporary romance. SLOW BURN, the first contemporary romance with suspense, was released in April 2011. It is the first book in the Fitzgerald family series. Since then she has published four more books in this series. She's presently working on book six. You can visit her on her websites, Facebook, twitter, ya-twitter, Google-plus, and RomanceBlog, YAblog.


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