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Review, Interview & Giveaway: Insight by Terron James


Insight by Terron James
Published Date: June 2013
Publisher:  Jolly Fish Press
Genre: YA SciFi

The Story:
James has masterfully crafted the mystical land of Appernysia, a world brimming with rich history and magic that readers of all types will find delight in discovering.

Rumors are surging through Appernysia that a Beholder has been born, the first wielder of True Sight in over a millennium. Seventeen-year-old Lon Marcs discovers he has been blessed—or cursed—with this gift. He cannot control the power of True Sight and feels it killing him with each passing day. He realizes that the only people who might possess the knowledge to save his life are the sworn enemies of his king. To obtain their help, Lon would have to journey into exile, leaving behind his village, family, and beloved Kaylen. Although this is the hardest decision Lon has ever made, it is only the first of many that will test his strength and challenge his interpretation of right and wrong.

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My Reivew:  I enjoyed reading this book.  Insight takes us into a world of swords, horses, and magic. Lon has some choices to make, and those choices take him far from his family, and his beloved.  Through the connection that Mellai has with him (being twins and all) she is able to "keep tabs" and know at least that he's alright.

I like the format in which this is written.  We're not just getting it from one person's POV.  We're able to "see" what's going on with the different characters.  As you're reading, you can tell that Terron James put a lot of research into his book! 


About the Author:
Born in the wrong age, TERRON JAMES continually fantasizes of shining steel, majestic stone architecture, thundering cavalry rushes, and opportunities to prove his honor. James is an English teacher and a member and recent president of the Tooele Chapter of the League of Utah Writers. He currently lives in Tooele, Utah, with his wife and four kids.

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What is one book everyone should read?Duh! INSIGHT! *snicker*

Besides my book, though, a must read is The Diary of Anne Frank. Sadly, I wasn't a very academically ambitious student growing up, so I didn't pay much attention to this book in grade school. Also, I never would have considered Anne's diary to be a book that interested an adult. I had always assumed teenagers would enjoy it more than us old farts. Boy, was I wrong!

I just finished reading The Diary of Anne Frank with my 7th and 8th grade students. Now the Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel are all stuck in the forefront of my mind. My friends can tell you that I've become quite passionate about WWII over the past few years, partly to help build my own world of Appernysia, but mostly because it captivates me. I love individual stories, like those surrounding
Quentin Aanenson (a fighter pilot). I'm glad to add Anne's story to that collection. I wept many times over the past two months as I taught about the heroic and tragic experiences of her life.

What was your favorite book when you were a child/teen?
The Hardy Boys! I loved the tension and "Scooby Doo" moments where all the pieces finally fit together. I read so many of those books. I've even contemplated dipping back into them again, but I'm terrified that I'll ruin one of my fondest childhood memories. Movies and books are rarely ever as good as we remember them to be from our youth.

Can you see yourself in any of your characters?
I'm complex man, so I would say a little bit of me exists in all of my characters, but I didn't write anyone based off of me. The closest thing would be the sassy sibling relationship between Lon and Mellai, with an deep underlying bond of love for each other. That would fit me and my sister, Melanee.

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
Whew, this is a hard one to answer. My childhood was full of physical, social, and emotional trials, the most difficult of which was the death of my older brother when I was in 9th grade. Then add the strains of adulthood... perhaps I'd call the book, You Can Do It!

Do you prefer to write in silence or with music?
Music, always! But it has to be wordless music, and appropriate for what I'm writing. Have you ever tried writing a tragedy while listening to the soundtrack for Barney? *shudder*

Who or what inspired your last book?
What? My fascination with magic systems.
Who? Everyone I know. I poured subtle details from my life into INSIGHT.

Character most like you in someone else's book?
I just can't answer this. Like I said, I'm a complex man.

Do you like the spotlight or lurking in the shadows?
Both. I lurk in the shadows until the spotlight hits the perfect background, then I jump into the light with guns a blazin'!

How do you come up with the characters names/personalities?
I created most names and places in INSIGHT from people I know. I plan to reveal a comprehensive list of this soon on my own blog, but here are a few samples. They were difficult to create, but now I can whip these names up like hot cakes!
Lon = my deceased brother, Lonnie

Mellai = my younger sister, Melanee
Allegna & Geila = my older sister, Angela
Kaylen = a combination of my parents, Allen and Debra Kay
Shalán = a combination of my parents-in-law, Sharon and Dallas
Llen = my 1st son, Dallen

Dawes = my 2nd son, Dawsen
Phoenijan = my 3rd son, Duncan Phoenix

Dax = my 4th son, Daxton
Queen Cyra (to be featured in book 2) & Lynth flower = my wife, Crystal Lyn

If you could leave this world for your "book world," would you?
I already do, every day. That's why authors really write. We're not satisfied with our version of Earth. *snicker*

Craziest thing you ever ate?
This is a toss up between two paintballs and a full piece of chalk (both for money)

How do you juggle writing & family life?
This is why I'd name the book about my life, You Can Do It! Balancing my family life with my writing time is not at all easy, and I still haven't figured it out yet. Luckily, I have a very supportive family who often let me disappear into Appernysia. Mostly, though, I do my writing before my 4 boys wake up, or after they go to bed. My favorite time to write is the EARLY hours of the day (3 AMish).

Do your friends or enemies ever find themselves in your books?
Yes, via name manipulation, but only one person has made it into my book with a matching personality to who they are in real life. And I used "they" because I'm keeping the identity of this person a secret. Sorry!

What is your favorite part of the writing/publishing process?
I have two favorite things. First, the editing process. I LOVE cleaning up my writing and splicing out the ick! I'm experiencing my second favorite right now, seeing all of my publisher's "reveals" (book cover, maps, book trailer, etc.). So exciting!

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