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Review & Guest Post: The Silent Orchids by Morgan Wylie

SILENT ORCHIDS by Morgan Wylie
Published Date: 2013
Publisher: American Majestic Entertainment
Genre: YA

The Story: A dying realm.

The ancient evil of the Droch-ShĂșil has been unleashed.

The Orchids have been silenced… but for how long?

Daegan, elite of the Ferrishyn warrior tribe of Faeries, is charged with a mission to find the Sol-lumieth, a mysterious new power that could change the fate of all in the realm of Alandria. But he is conflicted by his purpose, and he cannot trust the motives of those he serves. He has too many questions and they must be answered.
Kaeleigh, a girl abandoned as a small child just outside Missoula, Montana, is now 18. She is trying to discover who she is and where she belongs. In her heart, she feels she has family out there… somewhere. Desperate to unravel the mysteries of her past, she embarks on a journey that will forever change her along with her two best friends, Finn and Chel—who have secrets of their own.

My Review: This book was good.  A little slow to start, but once I got going, it held me spell-bound.  Morgan Wylie has a different way with words, a good way though!  There's much that keeps you reading until you've finished the book.  And the characters are believeable enough too!  You'll be enchanted by The Slient Orchids!

Morgan Wylie has been writing on and off throughout her growing up years, but started seriously working on her first novel in the Spring of 2009. 7 months pregnant with her first child, she didn't start off with a lot of focused writing time. But Morgan had an epiphany, if you will, and the story flashed before her so she began to write. And she’s still writing. Her debut Young Adult fantasy, SILENT ORCHIDS, will be out this summer.

Twitter: MWylieBooks
Blog: www.morganwylie.blogpost.com
Web: morganwylie.net
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Guest Post:
Hello and thank you for having me today!!
I’m going to share with you my top 10 favorite books. Ok so individual books were too hard so I picked favorite series (which was still hard!!) There’s just SO MANY!!!
I chose these as my faves because they are series that I have (and will still) read over and over again…I LOVE them that much. I also mainly chose YA books because well that is mainly what I read, but that is also the genre my current book is in so I thought it was fitting (okay okay I’m trying to figure out ways of narrowing my options ;)
I also love these because they all have strong female leads (ok so HP obviously is a male lead but hello… Hermione rocks!) Girl power!! ;) AND they have (again other than HP…ok so there’s a little but not enough to really count) good fun romance to them too. They are also about, yes it’s the coming of age, but I also like to call it the journey of becoming who they are meant to be. And you may notice they are all either paranormal and/or fantasy because I LOVE it J
So without further ado, and in no particular order…
1. The Nightshade Novels by Andrea Cremer
2. The Witchling series by Lizzy Ford
3. Harry Potter by JK Rowling (did I even need to say this ;)
4. The Fire Spirits series by Samantha Young
5. Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa
6. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
7. The Grey Wolves series by Quinn Loftis
8. The Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong (her adult series too)
9. Keegan’s Chronicles by Julia Crane
10. The Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs (adult series)
I’m sure there are others that I LOVE just as much, but this is a good sampling of my bookshelf. If you haven’t read some of these, I would definitely recommend any and ALL of them J

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