Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cover Reveal: Waterfell by Amalie Howard

About the Author:
Seventeen Magazine Summer Club author Amalie Howard spent her childhood with her nose stuck in a book, from Grimm's Fairy Tales to Anne Rice, and everything in between. She is the author of Bloodspell and a published poet. She received a bachelor’s degree from Colby College in International Studies and a certificate in French Literature from the Ecole Normale SupĂ©rieure in Paris, France. When she's not writing or devouring other people's novels, she reviews books for TheLoopNY. She lives in New York with her husband and three children.
Author Guest Post:
How important is a book cover?
Everyone wants a cover that’s eye-catching—you know, the one that will make a potential reader pick it up or click on it. In such a competitive market, both online and off, a cover can really make or break a book because that first impression is so critical. It has to stand out not just in print, but also in thumbnail format. For me to pick up or click on a book, the cover has to grab me. It has to appeal to my senses … make me want to learn more. Even though I’m biased, I think the WATERFELL cover is very compelling—from the layout, to the art, to the font dissipating into the water—it’s attention getting.
The next post will be scheduled to reveal at 11:30am EST
The full cover will be revealed on Harlequin Teen’s Facebook Page sometime in the afternoon after all posts have been made.
OK, here's a glimse of the cover!  Be sure to check out the next stop to see another part of it!!  You'll love the cover, trust me!

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  1. Great tease!
    I'll be hopping around to see the complete cover!



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