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Review: Lament: A Restraint Novel by Sandra Madera

Lament: A Restraint Novel by Sandra Madera
Published Date: January 2012
Publisher:  Self
Genre:  YA Paranormal

The Story: Stranded in a foreign land, two sisters, Linda and Laura are on a quest to regain their fortune and rebuild their once normal life. However, the past they fought so hard to flee has caught up with them and each must face the consequences of their actions. For Linda, the price may be too high. Something seeks her demise. (YA Fiction Novel, intended for ages 16 and up).

After the horrifying experience of fleeing for their lives, Linda Carter and her sister, Laura, are on a mission to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. However, they never expected their past to follow them.

     Betrayed by those closest to them and left at the mercy of those they fought to escape, everything they planned goes horribly wrong as Linda is captured by her enemy and held captive in an attempt to lure Laura into a trap.

Can Linda escape without being bitten by the very beast she both feared... and loved?

My Review:  Wow!!  This book is better than the first!  The first book, we saw everything through Laura's eyes.  This time, we see through Linda's eyes.  And boy, I was harsh on her in the first book!!  Both sisters seem to be thinking the same things about themselves, but not realizing the other one is on that same track. 

There's plenty of action and twists in Lament.  Those who have read Restraint, will find that very little has happened between the books, since Lament starts where Restraint left off.  I love that about series in general, where you don't need a chapter explaning things that may have happened. 

If you want a different view on vampires, or want to go into the past, this series is a good read!!

My review of Restraint, the first book in this series.

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