Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: House of Cards by Ilana Waters

House of Cards by Ilana Waters
Published Date: March 2013
Publisher: Self
Genre: YA Paranormal

The Story: Eighteen-year-old Sherry has just begun her newly independent life in Paris when she is kidnapped by a group of vampires. They hold her hostage in the House of Cadamon, their catacomb lair beneath the city, ruled with an iron fist by a leader known as “the Master.” The only thing keeping Sherry alive is her ability to tell vampire fortunes through tarot cards, a task she is forced to perform night after night. She finds an unlikely ally in Lucas, a four-hundred-year-old reluctant blood drinker who is as much a prisoner of Cadamon as she is.

Things get even more complicated when Sherry and Lucas begin falling for each other—hard. Will they be able to keep Sherry alive long enough for them both to escape the House of Cadamon? Or will the Master and his band of evil minions succeed in controlling the lives of the young lovers—by whatever means necessary?

With its breathtaking Parisian setting, fast-moving plot, and strong-willed heroine, this paranormal romance will keep you spellbound!

My Review: Wow, this book is awesome!  The vampires that live in the House of Cadamon are monsters, all except for one. 

This is a different take on vampires, the rules and how they live, etc.  I did enjoy reading this book, it only took me a while to read since I was reading two other books at the same time!  BUT, the story stays with you when you're not reading.  I began to wonder what was happing to Lucas and Sherry as I went about other things.  It kept me reading until I got to the end, but I was hoping for so much more!!! 

Ilana Waters has described Paris, and the catacombs, so well that you begin to feel like you're there. 

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