Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: Everlost by Brenda Pandos

Everlost by Brenda Pandos
Published Date: March 2013
Publisher: Obsidian Mountain Publishing
Genre: YA

The Story: With one kiss, Tatiana has discovered a love for a man she’d hated—the prince of Natatoria. Through the botched rescue attempt by her father against this union, an army of rebels has revealed their identity and intentions—treason. When the King is fatally injured, Azor takes things into his own hands. No one is safe as mers are forced to take sides. Betamers take the blame, including Tatiana’s family’s closest friend, Badger, and the punishment is death.

Caught between the bond and her true feelings, Tatiana, the future Queen, must overcome the promise to fight for what’s right and uncover the truths of the past or all will become Everlost.

My Review: OMG!!  This really is the best book yet from Brenda Pandos!!  It was first scheduled to be released in February, but was delayed two weeks.  That made the waiting even more suspenseful!  I really wanted to know what happened to Tatchi, Fin, Ash, Glad and Jax.  Boy, I wasn't disappointed!!

Last year I won a contest that Brenda Pandos was hosting, and my prize was to have a character with my name!!  EKK!!  I bought Everlost the day, well the day before, it came out, and finished it in under 8 hours.  I devoured it. I was hooked from the first two chapters and by the time I left work I had gotten to where my character was mentioned, I didn't want to stop! 

But truly, the places and the writing Brenda has, it really is like you're there, underwater, or in Tahoe or even in Florida.  She describes these places with such detail, not to mention the fins on the mer people!!  The only spoiler I'll mention, well it's not really a spoiler I think, is it's nice that the mermaids have the pretty, bright colors and the mermen don't!!

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