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Review: FALLING FOR YOU by Lisa Schroeder

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Welcome to the FALLING FOR YOU blog tour hosted by The Mod Podge Bookshelf! I am a huge fan of Lisa Schroeder's books, so it was a no-brainer for me when I got the email to be a part of this tour. I have been given the honor of reviewing FALLING FOR YOU, so keep reading to find out what I thought about her latest book. And then be sure to enter to the giveaway down below!

FALLING FOR YOU by Lisa Schroeder
Release Date: January 1, 2013
Publisher: Simon Pulse
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About the Book (from Goodreads): Rae's always dreamed of dating a guy like Nathan. He’s nothing like her abusive stepfather—in other words, he’s sweet. But the closer they get, the more Nathan wants of her time, of her love, of her...and the less she wants to give.

As Rae’s affection for Nathan turns to fear, she leans on her friend Leo for support. With Leo, she feels lighter, happier. And possessive Nathan becomes jealous.

Then a tragedy lands Rae in the ICU. Now, hovering between life and death, Rae must find the light amid the darkness…and the strength to fight for life and the love she deserves.

My Thoughts:  Rae's life hasn't been easy. Her mother leaves plenty to be desired, and her stepfather, Dean, is abusive both emotionally and physically. The best thing Rae has going for her is the job she holds at Nina's flower shop, Full Bloom. She's a master of hiding how poor she is from even her closest friends and no one knows just how bad her home life is. But when she meets Nathan, Rae is convinced her luck is about to change. Nathan is everything she's not used to. He's kind and attentive and seems to be really into her. It's easy for her to fall into his arms when there is so much negativity surrounding her life. Rae thinks she's finally found something worth holding onto. 

When Nathan's affections turn creepy, Rae starts seeing red flags. She tries to break things off with Nathan and separate herself from him, but her friends, blinded by Nathan's facade, encourage her to give him another chance. She knows something isn't right about him, but it's hard for her to disappoint her friends. Unexpectedly, she finds herself opening up to Leo, the boy who works in the coffee shop next to the flower shop. They've been friends for some time, but as things begin to sour with Nathan, and the more time she spends away from him, the more she realizes she has feelings for Leo. 

I love that even though Rae lets her friends sway her decision at first, she isn't the kind of girl to let a boy run all over her. She's learned enough from watching her mother and decides to stand up for herself. But then, after Rae's mother and stepfather leave her stranded for weeks, something tragic happens that lands her in the hospital. It was a shocker I didn't see coming, and definitely made me cry. True to Schroeder's previous books, FALLING FOR YOU included snippets of emotional poetry. I loved that as well. 

I've said this before, but I'm saying it again now: I will read anything and everything Lisa Schroeder writes. Her books are always poignant, thoughtful reads that keep me turning the pages well past my bedtime. I almost always devour her books in one sitting. If you haven't yet picked up FALLING FOR YOU or any of her books, I recommend you do so right away. 

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  1. I have read and loved her other books, at least the ones I've read so far. I have had a copy of this for months and I never got around to reading it so I really need to change that.

    Thanks for the great review, glad to know that there was still a touch of poetry to the book even though it wasn't done in verse this time.

  2. I haven't read any of her books, but your review makes it sound like I'm missing something. So where would I start? Thanks for the giveaway.



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