Monday, October 15, 2012

Review: Amarok by Angela Townsend

Amarok by Angela Townsend
Published Date: November 2012
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Genre: YA

The Story:
Emma's life has been hell since she moved from sunny California to a remote Alaskan town. Abandoned by her father and living with the guilt of causing her mother's death, she makes a desperate dash for freedom from her abusive stepfather. But when her car skids off the icy road, her planned escape leads to further captivity in a world beyond her imagining.

Dragged across the tundra by an evil mountain man and his enormous black wolf, she learns that love can be found in the most unexpected places. Amarok, as she's nicknamed the wolf, is a young man from the gold-rush era enslaved by an ancient shaman. Emma's gentle touch and kind heart win his love and devotion. When a vicious madman--trapped in bear form by the same Shaman--attacks the travelers and injures Amarok, Emma must find the strength to face her fears and free the wolf she's come to love. But that means she must face down the evil shaman, a Siberian mammoth hunter from the ice age, and he has no intention of giving up his power to her.
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My Review:
I enjoyed the change of pass with a different take on shapeshifters and myths.  Emma has had a rough life.  Her dad leaves her and her mom.  Her mom marries a guy who lives in Alaska and he's abusive to her.  Not to mention she's beating herself up over the death of her mom.  Needless to say, when she get's the chance, she runs away.  During her escape, Emma finds out that slick roads aren't meant for driving fast.  That's when she meets a strange shaman and a wolf, who she comes to call Amarok. 

Amarok is a young man trapped in wolf form because his family didn't believe in the traditions and myths of the remote town in Alaska.  His only hope of getting free, is to have Emma help him.

I love how Emma needed to overcome the obstacles before she could realize how strong she really is.  I know there's times in my life where I feel trapped, and am so greatful when I find that perseon who can release me. 


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