Thursday, October 4, 2012

Metamorphosis by Devon Ashley - This or That & Giveaway

I just love Devon Ashley's books!  Check out my review of Metamorphosis here.   So, in previous tours I've done with Devon, I usually have interviewed the characters, or did a this or that with the characters.  This time, I thought it would be awesome to find out more about Devon!

Chapstick or Lipgloss: Can't stand sticky gets on everything.
Beach or Mountains: Give me crisp mountain air anytime!
Nook or Kindle: Love my Kindle Fire! Reading is great, but it's awesome to have Netflix, read-to-me books, drawing pages etc. for my toddler.
Crosswords or Sudoku: It's been awhile for both, but I'm horrible at crosswords.
Android or iPhone: Sorry, I hate everything Apple. It ticked me off how they always made you buy different things for different features. If you wanted it small, you had to get Nano. Want your songs to shuffle? Buy the Shuffle. Blah, blah, blah. My toshiba did everything all the iPods did put together on one mp3 player. It amazes me how people still think a company that drags out it's features so you're forced to keep upgrading is awesome. My husband has the iPhone4, and now that he's seen what my Samsung Galaxy can do, he already hates his phone.
Bling or Simple: Simplistic all the way. Especially jewelry.
Fall or Spring: Love everything about Autumn! Colors
Chocolate or Flowers: precious.
Sunrise or Sunset: I'm not getting up for that. :) I am sooo not a morning person.
Sleeping in or Staying up: Refer to answer above. :)

Thanks Devon!  I look forward to Catacombs!

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  1. Love getting glimpses into author personalities! Plus I must say that I wholeheartedly agree on Apple products.



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