Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guest Post: Amarok by Angela Townsend

I asked Angela to talk about why she chose Alaska:

Amarok is based in Alaska because I love the state. As a child I lived in the peaceful fishing village of Haines. I will never forget the extraordinary people or welcoming atmosphere of the small town.

The Alaska wilderness and the tundra plains are magical places to me. I love the smell of permafrost in the spring, the crunch of skeletal leaves in the fall and the breathtaking display of the northern lights.
I am amazed at the wide variety of wildlife in Alaska. I’ve seen wolves, bears, moose and musk oxen at close range and I’ve never forgotten the experience.

I especially love the Arctic and the primordial feel of it, the lap of the ocean against the rocky beaches and wide array of fishing boats in the gentle harbors. All of these things helped to inspire my setting for Amarok.
Alaska is an amazing place--but it can also be a deadly one. I’ve learned to respect Mother Nature and her animals no matter where I live.

Alaska will always be part of my inner spirit.

Thanks Angela!! 

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