Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: Erasing Time by C.J. Hill

Erasing Time by C.J. Hill
Hardcover, 368 pages
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Published by: Katherine Tegen Books

Description (from Goodreads):
In this high-action and romantic futuristic adventure, there is no escape from the future for two contemporary girls pulled out of their own time.

When twins Sheridan and Taylor wake up 400 years in the future, they find a changed world: domed cities, no animals, and a language that’s so different, it barely sounds like English. And the worst news: They can’t go back home.

The twenty-fifth-century government transported the girls to their city hoping to find a famous scientist to help perfect a devastating new weapon. The moblike Dakine fights against the government, and somehow Taylor and Sheridan find themselves in the middle. The only way to elude them all is to trust Echo, a guy with secrets of his own. The trio must put their faith in the unknown to make a harrowing escape into the wilds beyond the city.

Full of adrenaline-injected chases and heartbreaking confessions, Erasing Time explores the strength of the bonds between twins, the risks and rewards of trust, and the hard road to finding the courage to fight for what you believe in.

I decided to read Erasing Time because it has time travel and twins, both of which I am fascinated with.

I loved  people's appearance 400 years in the future. It was crazy! People had all types of colors of hair, painted faces, and other strange things that just sounded so much fun.

I was glad to see that the twins were very different. Taylor was very smart, she graduated high school when she was 13, and she was also really outgoing. Sheridan was more reserved, but stood up for what she believed in, even when she could have gotten in some trouble. I liked both girls, probably Sheridan a little more. 

Echo is the hot blue haired boy with a turquoise crescent moon around his eye. He was quite mysterious and I honestly didn't know if the girls could trust him at all. But being me, and liking the questionable boys, I instantly liked him.

The technology in the book was pretty cool. There were cars that drove themselves, I need one of those! People payed for everything with a gadget that is embedded under the skin on the wrist, it was also used to track people, and showed there rank in society. There were also some pretty bizarre weapons.

Erasing Time was imaginative and fast paced, it was quite an enjoyable read.

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