Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: Gifted by Karey White

Gifted by Karey White
Published Date: February 2011
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc

The Story:

Susan and Brent Weller have been married for several years and have been unable to have children. They adopt Anna, a beautiful baby girl orphaned in a terrible car accident. As Anna grows, Susan and Brent discover that she's blessed with unusual gifts that both bless and complicate their lives.

When Anna starts school, she meets Kelsey, a scared, poor and terribly neglected little girl who finds love and acceptance from Anna and her parents. As the years pass, Susan and Brent do their best to provide Anna with a normal, happy childhood, even as they feel a responsibility to protect her from having her special gifts exploited. But with maturity comes independence and Anna begins to make choices that threaten to shatter Susan and Brent's happy and comfortable life. Will Susan and Brent be able to protect their daughter or will her choices change all their lives forever?

My Review:

This is such a moving story.  We start out meeting Susan and Brent, who aren't able to have children of their own.  While in the adoption process, they are able to adopt Anna.  Reading about Anna growing up is wonderful.  But soon, mom and dad realize that something is different about their little girl.  Not wanting her to miss out on school and making friends, they do their best to keep Anna's gifts under wraps.  Anna has the biggest heart and just wants to help everyone.  She befriends a little girl, and they become inseparable.  Then the biggest challenge happens, not going to tell you.  Find out what happens to Anna and her family.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and I hope your readers will, as well. Have a great day. -Karey



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