Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ordained by Devon Ashley - Character Interview

After reading Ordained, I really wanted to know some more of what Emily was thinking.  Below are her responses!

BCM: What did you first think about when you saw Abby and Noel?

Emily: Well, with Abby, the first time I saw her was right after she saved my non-prepared butt from being aura-sucked by Eraticus. Yeah, that's right. The freak liked to suck the aura of us hunters right out of us. Like he was slurpin' the juice out of a crawfish or something. Gross. All I could think in terms of Abby was savior! I wasn't sure who she was, or why she was strong enough to put that demon down, but I didn't care. Not even when I began to suspect she and her husband Noel were vamps. I could tell they weren't the normal blood-sucking vamps I usually had to deal with. As for Noel, it wasn't my brain doing the thinking. I think I permanently dislocated my jaw the first time I saw him. Seriously, hot! Luckily he only has eyes for Abby, so he didn't see me gawkin' at him. Not that I'd even attempt to go there, but I'll admit, he's pretty easy on the eyes.

BCM: Do you remember anything about the night Abby showed up to help you?

Emily: Like I said, savior. Eraticus was one hard-core demon boy. I'm talking horns on his head, snotty drool that couldn't be contained behind those razor-sharp teeth, beady black eyes that cut into you like a knife when he stared at you. And the way he could charge like an oversized, demented looking ram on steroids...Lord, you don't want to see that coming at you full force. I mean, I still have nightmares to this day...and the scars - both emotionally and physically. I ain't gonna lie. Even though I'm a hunter, that night traumatized me. So other than the horrific images of him flashing through my mind like a slide show, and Abby flashing the Gold Sword of Amantee before his panicky eyes, I don't recall too much from that night.

BCM: How cool was it to battle those demons?

Emily: Um...first off. Not cool. I know it'll never happen, but life would be absolutely wonderful if I never had to face any one of those types of demons ever again. Seriously, who wants to have to remove the horn off a massive monster to weaken him? Or go up against something that can burn you alive with the touch of his skin? Or have supersonic waves thrown at you? Seriously, my bones are still vibrating from the aftershock. I know being a vampire hunter, I'm destined to run into them, and I have to learn about them so I can battle them if necessary. But. Demons. Creep. Me. Out. Hate the things. Give me a vamp any day.

BCM: Are you scared about what may happen to you, from what happened when Abby and Noel bandaged you up?

Emily: Honestly, it never occurred to me that Abby's blood may have infected my wounds. I mean seriously, even if a few of her blood cells managed to enter my bloodstream, how could just a few seriously do damage to the trillions within my body? They're like seriously outnumbered. So when Abby told me what she did, I was flabbergasted. I wasn't even sure whether or not to believe her, or even worry about it. Okay, so I was tired, and feeling weak. But I was injured for crying out loud! Of course I'm gonna feel that way. Right? So what if it's a sign that my body may be weakening, slowly being poisoned by Abby's vampiric blood. It's not like it's gonna be able to kill off and replace every cell in my body. Eventually my immune systems gonna kick in and kick it's butt. Right?

BCM: Were you extremely glad to be rid of the Order?

Emily: Does a Grunther demon like to smother it's victim with freshly squeezed grub juice before eating it? (That's a yes, by the way). Those jerks have been ordering me around for as long as I can remember. All they do is sit on their little thrones, dictating where I should go, what I should do, blah, blah, blah. And their training was absolute crap compared to what Abby and Noel have taught me. So forget them. If I'm gonna die doing this job - cause let's face it, I have no choice...vamps, and sometimes demons, are just drawn to me naturally - then I'm gonna die doing what Abby needs me to do, cause at least I know she's got my back. The Order doesn't give one flippety-flap about my mortality. They've got plenty of hunters in reserves anyway, waiting for the day I kick the bucket.

Thanks Emily!! I might have to pick your brain after reading Metamorphosis too! ;)

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