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June 2012
Title: Betrayed
Author: Ednah Walters
Publication Date: June 2012
Suggested age range: 13 & up
Juvenile Fiction 

Book Blurb: Lil isn't just an average teenager. She's one of the Nephilim--the descendants of humans and angels--which gives her some serious psi skills and a mission for redemption. Just when Lil thinks she's found a balance between her normal life with human friends and her training to become a Guardian, she's warned that someone close to her will betray her. When the boy she loves starts acting strangely and one of her human friends acquires a supernatural ability, Lil begins to realize that someone is manipulating the people she loves... and won't stop until she's been lured to the dark side.
My review: This series is INTENSE. Seriously love this series. I love Lil Falcon (even though my head says Lil'Falcon (like little falcon) each time I see that. DO NOT TELL HER THAT THOUGH! This is one bad hiney chic not even I would want to have as an enemy! She is incredible. I love her power and no nonsense attitude. She challenges everything and never lets anyone coddle her or treat her as someone breakable. 

Lil likes to fight & deserves to fight. She trains hard and is definitely skilled. She finds out in Betrayed that her powers are growing. There are people in her life she is not sure if she can trust or not. She gets almost paranoid as life get so complicated for her. She is strong and can keep her head on straight....

She is close to her human friends and her Guardian friends both. She needs these relationships to balance out her Guardian life. She finds out that SOMEONE close to her is a SPY. She is crushed as she does not know how she can blame a friend and is driving herself crazy with a serious case of the "what if's"...

Bran...oh Bran...Bran is a demon gone Guardian. IKR...crazy stuff? But he is  what dreams are made of. PLEASE DO NOT TELL LIL! She scares  me...did I mention that? She is a powerful little thing. Could have something to do with her genetics....guess YOU better read the book ASAP!

Ednah Walters is a MASTER story teller. The world she has created with The Guardians is incredible. Once I start one of her books, I cant put it down. I have to finish it. I become so obsessed with what will happen next!!! This is definitely one author you do not want to miss out on!!

I was so excited to find out that Betrayed has been re-released through the ever incredible publisher Spencer Hill Press. If you are not familiar with Spencer Hill Press, you are missing out on MANY incredible authors! 

Ednah Walters:
Spencer Hill Press

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  1. No I have never read any of Ednah's books before but I would like to.

  2. I havent read any of her books (sadly) but they look great!!

  3. Ednah's done a fantastic job on Betrayed -- I have worked with her as her editor for Spencer Hill Press for months now, and I can honestly say she's done a masterful job!

  4. This is certainly a fantastic book and its great that spencer hills press has re released it !!! Release day party will be on the Betrayed page on June 5th ;)

  5. I haven't read any of Ednah Walter's books, but I have been wanting to for a very long time. Thanks for the giveaway! :]

  6. I going to be completely honest, I have never heard of anyof Ednah's books until now. But I am an interested reader. I'll be checking out her books soon. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Alyssa Susanna



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