Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome Nicki & Elle!

We are so excited to introduce to you, two new members of the BCM team: Nicki & Elle! 

Here's a little about both of them:

Elle lives in a fantasy world where books are her best friends and when it rains, everything turns into sugar. It's a pretty great world, filled with magic and laughter and rainbows. In her real life, she likes to cook, loves coffee, spends hours running around like a maniac trying to do all the things, travels the world (or at least a portion of it), and squeezes in as much reading time as possible. Elle only reads Young Adult books and enjoys all the genres therein--especially fairy tale re-tellings because Elle Posey may or may not be a princess in a land far, far away.

 Nicki lives in South Dakota with her family and their three dogs. She is currently going to school, but doesn't know what she wants to do as a career.  She enjoys reading, watching TV, and hanging out in a haunted, local hotel coffee shop. Nicki enjoys reading all genres of young adult books, and the occasional adult book.

Please help us in welcoming them to the team! And also, stay tuned for more news and two new members to the team later this week! 



  1. Welcome ladies!! Can't wait to start blogging with you!

  2. Very interesting story of Elle and Nicki and their hobbies are really very nice...

  3. It is the nice way for everyone to make the another person some happy and give him enjoy.

  4. Hey uhm.. All you got to say isss that you wanna be in our story and we are sure that we can put you in our story

  5. sure you can sorry we took so long to write the other chapters.

  6. oooh can i please bbe in your stories plzzz my name is nayaa x

  7. Nice way of giving nice entertainment.I really enjoy this blog..



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