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GODDESS INTERRUPTED Blog Tour: The Underworld & Giveaway

We are so thrilled to have Aimée Carter here with us today as part of the Goddess Interrupted Blog Tour! We, along with every other stop on this great tour will be giving away an amazing prize pack. Be sure to check out the rest of the tour by CLICKING HERE.

Stop #5 – The Underworld
How does the Underworld work? In the real myths, the Greek Underworld is split into three domains: the Elysian Fields, where the heroic and virtuous dead go; Tartarus, where the evil and wicked are sent; and the Asphodel Meadows, for everyone else. But if you’ve read The Goddess Test series, you know that isn’t exactly how things work in Henry’s Underworld.

Instead, each soul decides what their afterlife is going to be. Not consciously, usually, but through their life experiences, their religion, their morals, etc. Not every soul gets what they truly deserve, but over the millennia, Henry’s found that generally souls manage to sort themselves well. And while the system is flawed, it’s impossible for Henry to judge every soul that comes into the Underworld, even with Kate’s help. It isn’t always fair, but unfortunately Henry cannot interfere. One of his most important rules is that he does not modify afterlives he did not assign.

Because of the sheer number of souls in Underworld, Henry only judges the ones who don’t know what their afterlives are supposed to be. He hears each soul’s story one by one. Sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes it takes hours, but Henry always hears them out. Once they’ve said their piece, he takes the information they’ve told him and decides what their afterlife will be. Sometimes he’ll assign a reward; sometimes he’ll assign a punishment. But he is always fair, and he never lets his own emotions get in the way. The only exception is children. He always assigns a child their happiest memory.

Afterlives can be everything from a continual day in the park to a lake of fire – from a magical garden to the middle of a desert. They can be alone, have visitors, or be with someone else constantly. The possibilities are only limited by the dead’s imaginations. Had Kate not passed the test, her afterlife is shown in the first book: a sunny day in Central Park with her mother. Not a bad afterlife, but in the end, she’s happy spending eternity with Henry, ruling over the dead instead of becoming one of them.

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  1. I would love to read these. Sadly they are not in my library system.

  2. That bag would look smoking hanging from my shoulder, just saying :)

  3. Interesting post about underworld and how it works...Thanks for this post...

  4. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I love to read this kind of myths and this article is very interesting to read... thanks for posting it...

  6. i can't tell you whether or not you should be with him or not, that is a decision you will have to make. however, i think he is depressed.he is not happy with his life.

  7. emotive book, yet still manages to keep a tight hold of the facts. I will have to read this too…

  8. I hate it when the second book in a series gets messy like this. It does sound kind of realistic on the YA relationship front, but it also sounds really painful, and like you mention, it’s not a message that I would want my daughter to take from the book.

  9. It was bad enough with her obsession with Twilight, and that whole emotional relationship mess, but I just don’t like to see this much passivity in the females she chooses to read about.

  10. This is very interesting to know about the underworld and its way of working.



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