Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: On a Dark wing by Jordan Dane

On a Dark Wing by Jordan Dane
Publisher: Harlequin TEEN
Release Date: December 27, 2011

About: The choices I had made led to the moment when fate took over. I would learn a lesson I wasn't prepared for. And Death would be my willing teacher.

Five years ago, Abbey Chandler cheated Death. She survived a horrific car accident, but her "lucky" break came at the expense of her mother's life and changed everything. After she crossed paths with Death—by taking the hand of an ethereal boy made of clouds and sky—she would never be normal again.

Now she's the target of Death's ravens and an innocent boy's life is on the line. When Nate Holden—Abbey's secret crush—starts to climb Alaska's Denali, the Angel of Death stalks him because of her.

And Abbey finds out the hard way that Death never forgets.

My Review: Abbey's story is one that grabbed me right away. I loved hearing about her first experience with Death and learning how Death has come to exist in her current reality. She lives alone with her father, because her mother was killed five years earlier in an accident that should have claimed Abbey's life instead. Since then, Abbey has relied on her dad and best friend for emotional support, but she's never really gotten over the loss of her mother.

Her crush on Nate Holden felt very realistic for her age, and I found myself able to remember what it felt like to think someone was *so* perfect in that way. When she and her father go away for a weekend after an embarrassing incident at school, Abbey finds herself suddenly in the presence of a boy who she thinks is Nate--but is really someone and something entirely different. 

Death has been following her. He knows her weakness for Nate and, well...this is where things start to get a little weird. It's not that I didn't enjoy the weird, because I actually kind of did, but there were definitely moments I was left scratching my head as to what was happening. Nate's appearances with Abbey become even more shrouded in mystery when Abbey learns that Nate's missing on his climbing trip.

Determined to find out what's really happening, Abbey begins to ask questions and is shocked to find out that...well, I'll let you read it to find out. Overall, I was really pleased with this novel, and look forward to reading more by Dane.

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  1. I've read some mixed reviews on this novel so I'm glad you liked it. The idea of Death following the main character is definitely an interesting one. Thanks for the great review!

  2. i loved this book and its weirdniss

  3. I should go check this out, thanks for the review :)

  4. I've read some mixed reviews on this novel so I'm glad you liked it. The concept of Death following the main character is definitely an interesting one. thanks a million for the great review!



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