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Five Stars Friday: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

We here at BCM really, really, really love books that just knock our socks off. We know that you do too, so we thought we would start up a new meme just for those books that we could not put down; those books that  have received our highest rating and deserve a little extra recognition.

Every Friday we will select one book that we have given 5 stars to and and tell you a little about why we loved these books so much. Our hope is that this meme will provide recognition for some books that maybe you haven't heard of but should be added to your To Be Read pile ASAP. There is no age limit to the books we will choose. There could be some current releases as well as some oldies but goodies (well, more like "greaties" since they have earned 5 stars).

We hope that you love this meme and would love it if your joined in. If you choose to participate, please leave us a link to your post in the comments so we can visit your blog. And if you don't have a blog, don't fret, just leave us a comment with the title and author of a book you feel deserves 5 stars. We are always looking for new books to add to our own To Be Read piles!
This week's five star book is:
Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices #2) by Cassandra Clare
Published by Margaret K. Elderberry Books (Simon and Schuster)
on December 6, 2011
ISBN: 1416975888
Hardcover: 528 pages
Audiobook Narrated by Ed Westwick and Heather Lind
From Amazon: The situation at the London Institute has never been more precarious. With Mortmain and his clockwork army still threatening, the Council wants to strip Charlotte of her power and hand the running of the Enclave over to the unscrupulous and power-hungry Benedict Lightwood.
In the hope of saving Charlotte and the Institute, Will, Jem, and Tessa set out to unravel the secrets of Mortmain’s past—and discover unsettling Shadowhunter connections that hold the key not only to the enemy’s motivations, but also to the secret of Tessa’s identity. Tessa, already caught between the affections of Will and Jem, finds herself with another choice to make when she learns how the Shadowhunters helped make her a “monster.” Will she turn from them to her brother, Nate, who has been begging her to join him at Mortmain’s side? Where will her loyalties—and love—lie? Tessa alone can choose to save the Shadowhunters of London…or end them forever.


Although I like the Mortal Instruments series, and continue to read them, I love the Infernal Devices series. As far as second books in a series go, this definitely does not fall into second book syndrome. I like Clockwork Prince even more than Clockwork Angel.
I started out reading the hard copy of this book,which I own, but ended up having to put it down because of other obligations. Fortunately, since I can listen to books at work, I picked up the audiobook to finish it.

Confession time... I have written and rewritten this review at least three times. I am so enamored of this book, that I don't even know what to write. It has literally rendered me speechless, and that doesn't happen very often. I just don't feel that words alone can convey the awesomeness that is Clockwork Prince.
The characters are so well written. Magnus Bane is now officially one of my absolute favorite characters in both of the series. I have loved Jem from the first, and even moreso now after reading this. Will is stepping up his game, and is becoming oh so very swoonworthy. There is a nice bit between Henry and Charlotte... I could go on and on.
The storyline is just the right touch of everything, suspense, action, humor (and yes, there is quite a bit in these books. One of the things I love about Clare's writing. She can add a bit of humor to the most dire of situations and make it work), and of course, romance. I usually get irritated and annoyed at the number of love triangles in books, but this is one that works... very well.

Reading the Infernal Devices, I get a sense of things to come, things that come to light and are seen in the Mortal Instruments books. I like how there is a connection there, with little things being made reference to in MI that we find out the story behind in ID. One thing that I cannot completely wrap my head around between the two series, is the families. I can't seem to put together who goes with whom and  how they are related through the generations, regardless of the names I recognize. This being said, it is not necessary to read one series to understand the other. They both completely stand on their own.

The writing, as usual, is amazing. Nothing less than what is expected from Clare. The narration is fantastic. Ed Westwick, narrating in his real, British, voice, is great to listen too. A nice swoon worthy voice with which is easy to picture any of the male characters. Heather Lind is very good with her accents, easily depicting different nuances in the accents for different characters and the regions they might be from. The only complaint I have when it comes to narration, is that, instead of alternating narration between Westwick and Lind, I would have liked to have heard them alternate narration of the story, but still kept to voicing their gender's characters. It would have added more to the sound of the story as well as it seeming more like they were playing off of each other, instead of being so separate.
I recommend this book in either medium, or both.
This, for me, was one of those books where, when I finished reading it, I first thought, no, it can't be over. And then I just didn't want to start any other book until I got over this one. Anyone else ever feel like this? Where a book just gets so far under  your skin, you have to shed that skin to move onto the next one? I want Clockwork Princess now!


  1. I absolutely loved this book. Cannot wait for the next one!!!!!

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