Friday, April 13, 2012

A Closer Look by Karen DelleCava - Character Interview

I was able to interview Tara, best friend of Cassie, from A Closer Look by Karen DelleCava.

BCM: I was wondering, what did you think was happening to your best friend?

TARA: I was as shocked as Cassie when her parents explained what alopecia was. It was hard to believe she’d lost most of her hair when she was little, too. Pretty scary.

BCM: Did you know it was getting so bad, before she told you?

TARA: Cassie did an incredible job of hiding the bald patches in the beginning so until she showed me I had no clue. After a while, though, I did notice but I’d never say anything. I’d never want to hurt her feelings or make her fell any worse. I mean, this was my best friend and I loved her no matter what.

BCM: How awesome was it to see Cassie run with the varsity team, and win over Robin?

TARA: Ugh, Robin! Bully aka Bee-ach. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. When Cass won, on the outside I cheered like a normal person but on the inside I was doing an obnoxious end zone dance. Woo-hooooo! In your face Lakewood! Suck on that!

BCM: You show what true friends are and mean, did something happen to you before this with Cassie? Is that why you're not totally freaking out?

TARA: Cassie probably doesn’t even remember this but in 3rd grade there was this boy Stefan who stuttered and there were boys who teased him so bad he started going home for lunch everyday. Then in middle school Stefan stayed for lunch and he always looked so lost. One day, I noticed Cass invite him to sit with her and Dawn. Dawn made a face but Cass didn’t care. That day I knew she was a really good person, someone you could trust, someone who’d stand by you as a friend.

BCM: What was the toughest part about learning about Cassie's condition?

TARA: She was so scared and there was nothing I could do. I felt so helpless sometimes. And I knew no matter how much I told her she looked fine, Cassie would have to come to terms with her own reflection. I finally figured out the best thing I could do be there if she needed me.

Thanks, Nicole!

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