Thursday, April 26, 2012

Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf


Makeup or natural--No one needs make-up, but it’s great when you’re trying to pull an outfit together or create a mood. I like to mix up nail, eye, and lipstick colors so each matches a different part of whatever I’m wearing.  

Cars or trucks—Cars. Easy in and out and there are so many more styles of cars. Trucks always come off like a box on wheels.  

Dogs or cats—Cats. They’re so intuitive and wise. Have you ever looked into a cat’s eyes and saw the depth that lies there? Some people think they’re conceited, but I think they have old souls and can’t always be bothered by people floundering around and trying to find their place the way people do. Dogs are great too. They have young souls, that’s why they’re always bouncing around being happy.  

Dyed or natural hair—People ask me if I dye my hair all the time, because I have this crazy red color that people love, but it’s all me. I’m a little vain about it, so I like it natural, but I’m not above adding a streak of color here and there when the mood strikes.  

Short or long hair—Again, depends on the mood. Mine’s been long for a while now, I might have to go with something shockingly short soon to mix things up.  

Skirts or pants—Hmmm, tough call, but I think I’m going to go with skirt. Pants seem to be a bit more limiting when it comes to fabric type, patterns, and colors. Everyone wants a basic jean or black something. Where’s the creativity in that?

Strict diet or eating healthy—Neither. I eat whatever I want.  

Fake nails or real nails—Real. I believe in color and patterns and bling and all that whenever and wherever, including my nails, but fake nails gross me out. I prefer the ones I was born with, thank you.  

Jewelry or none—Jewelry please. There’s always a place for additional accessorization in any outfit. I find a new piece of jewelry about every time I go to my sister’s store, she saves me the stuff no one else will buy and I make it work.  

Cell phone or landline—Okay, love my cell phone, but I have this fabulous old 1940’s rotary phone that I found at a thrift shop. That’s what I use when I’m in my room. It was black when I got it, but I added some bling and stripped feathers around the base. For the sake of that phone alone I’m going to say landline.

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