Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Awkward by Marni Bates - This or That

Pick Logan's preferences. You can explain his answers if you want. =)

Whales or Bears:

Whales. They blow water out of their heads. Can’t compete with that.

Fruit or veggies:

Veggies are okay, but nobody in their right mind would choose to eat celery over blueberries. Unless you have some weird blueberry allergy. But even so . . . celery? I think not.

Chocolate or Peanutbutter:

Reeses’ chocolate peanut butter cups are pretty much the greatest things ever. So how could you possibly ask me to separate the two?

Rain or Snow:

Definitely snow. Rain in Oregon is practically an every day occurrence but even a tiny bit of snow can shut down the school system. And it feels good when it crunches under my shoes.

Beach or Mountains:

Fly me to a tropical beach and I may never leave. Okay, that’s not exactly true because I wouldn’t be able to play hockey there. But if we are talking a quick getaway in Oregon, I would have to choose the mountains because the beaches here are rocky and cold.

Pacific or Atlantic:

Pacific Northwest, all the way! Haven’t you heard? The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland? (Check out the show Portlandia if you’re confused.)

Ebook or Paperback

Neither? Is that an option? Because I really hate reading. My dyslexia gets me all turned around and then people give me funny looks and I . . . look can we change the subject?
Next question.

Early riser or Night owl:

Oh, I can stay up real late, baby. As late as you want . . .

Sorry, about that. My friend Spencer wanted to contribute. Hang on a sec while I try to get rid of hi—

All night long!

Shut up, Spence!

Twizzlers or Red vines:

Is there a difference? Aren’t they both red and kinda twisty?
I don’t care since they aren’t Reeses’ peanut butter cups.

Ford or Chevy:

I’m happy with my Honda civic. It gets me where I need to go.

Thanks Logan!

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