Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Falling In Between by Devon Ashley - Character Interview & Giveaway

So I got the honor of interviewing Robert from Falling In Between by Devon Ashley!!!

BCM: What does your mother really think about Jenna?

Robert: mother. She's not too fond of me dating outside 'the social circuit'. She has a certain type of girl in mind that was raised in the ways of the socialites and anyone that wasn't just isn't good enough. And since my brother Reynold married a non-socialite last summer, my mom's been really determined to have her only remaining son adapt to her socialite lifestyle and marry the daughter of a friend of hers. So,,,no. My mom's not that fond of me dating Jenna. She's really hoping it ends as a high school romance.

BCM: Just out of curiosity, why did you save yourself?

Robert: I wasn't so much saving myself. I just hadn't found the girl that did it for me. I mean, I've dated a few girls here and there but no one I wanted to commit to long term. But, she's got pheromones coming off her or something because once I got in close, I just felt this need to be with her then on out.

BCM: Now I'm really curious, how much WAS that stone worth? It has to be more than what you told Jenna.

Robert: Ah, man. I'm never going to hear the end of this. Ever since Jenna caught my mother staring at that stone I haven't heard the end of it. Let's just say this. It's more than three hundred thousand. Anything more specific and I'm pleading the fifth!

BCM: Did Jhett tell you what color her dress was, so that you could dress to match? (That was super cute by the way!)

Robert: He did. Apparently Sophie was going on and on and on about their dresses - enough times that it actually burned into Jhett's memory bank. And even if I couldn't be with her at prom, I didn't want her to be flowerless. So I asked Jhett to take the credit for the orchid. Otherwise she may not have worn it.

How excited are you to be able to go to college in the same town as Jenna?

Robert: Oh I can't wait! I hate that I'm going to have pass the entire summer without seeing her, but come next fall...Really excited.

Thanks Robert for letting me question you!!!


OK, giveaway rules:
~Closes 2/22/12 at Midnight MST
~One entry per person
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