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Emily's House Book 1 of the Akasha Chronicles/Give away

Author: Natalie Wright
Release date: Sept 2011
Publisher: Boadicea Press

Book Description:
Fourteen-year-old Emily Adams is flunking math - and life. But Emily has a secret, one that she has kept even from her best friends. Soon the ancient legacy coursing through her veins will force her secret to be revealed. Dormant for over a thousand years, an evil has arisen and this time, it will destroy anyone - or anything - that stands in its way.

Three teens embark on a dangerous journey and risk everything. For Emily, the fate of her friends - and her world - lies in her hands.

In a place where anything is possible, will Emily finds the skills - and courage -she needs to save the world from darkness?

Emily's House is a tale that blends Celtic mysticism, spirituality and ancient secrets with science and modern technology. Travel with Emily as she unlocks the secrets of her Celtic ancestors on a mystical journey to the inner house and beyond.

My review:
I could not put this book down. I read it straight through. I LOVE Ireland and it is seriously a bucket list item of mine. I will be seriously disappointed if when the day comes I do arrive there and there is absolutely nothing mystical, magical, supernatural or paranormal. Green is my favorite color and when I think of Ireland, I see green. (yes totally random bu true)!!

Emily's mom died after a battle with cancer. Losing your mom is never easy, especially when you are a young girl. Being left with a shell of a father and a mean Aunt that makes your life a living hell, Emily is not a happy teen. Her best friends are her life line. They have no clue how bad she really has it but they suspect it is not good at all!

When Emily and her friends are in her awesome tree house, a very special guest visits. This changes Emily and her BFF's lives forever. Emily is taken on an incredible journey to Ireland that not only makes her feel closer to her beloved mother but also challenges her in every way possible. Will Emily ever see her dad again? Will Emily's new life and new found knowledge separate her and the people most dear to her heart? Want an answer to these questions? THEN BUY THIS BOOK NOW! You can buy online in paperback or ebook. Seriously...this was a great read. The story line stays very active and right on track. There is always a great reason to turn that next page.

I highly suggest this book if you love to read YA with good values hidden through out the book, magic, coming of age realizations and just a great story!

Author Website & Contact Information:

About the Author:

Natalie Wright spent her formative years growing up on a farm in Ohio. It was a fertile environment for an active imagination and an inquisitive mind. She is, however, a city girl at heart and enjoys traveling and experiencing oceans and cities worldwide. Natalie now finds inspiration in the desert environment of her home in Tucson, Arizona where she lives with her husband, daughter and her dog Molly.

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  1. I prefer paperback books. There is something about holding a book that is different from a ebook that gives me more enjoyment. Please enter me in contest.

  2. I prefer paperbacks. It's what I grew up reading I guess. Holding a 'real' book in my hand feels right.


  3. I prefer eBooks please, as I do not have more space on my shelves ://


  4. I prefer physical copies, whether it be paper or hardback. Ebooks are convenient, but they're just not the same to me.

  5. Thank you for hosting me! And I hope you get to go to Ireland soon! It is an amazing and magical realm ; )

    1. I agree!! Im Irish and love it here so much. I live in the country and we have a "fairy path" just down the road from us. I love listening to the old tales :)

    2. I love that - "fairy path". Wish I had one!

  6. I prefer physical copies but I do have to say Id be lost without my kindle!! Great review and cant wait to read it.

  7. I really love print books the best.

  8. I love my Kindle but I prefer print books. I still like to hold the actual book in my hands :)

  9. As my ereader is dead at the moment, I prefer paperbacks.

  10. I prefer paperbacks. I don't like reading a book on my computer, and lacking an ereader, I would rather not read on my smart phone because it's so small!

  11. I prefer books, but I have read some books on my ipod with the kindle app, because I couldn't get them in book form or they were a lot cheaper for the ereader than buying the book.

  12. I enjoy ebooks but I prefer hard copies. I feel like I am making more progress when I put it on the self.

  13. I prefer paperbacks. In the apocalypse....the battery will only run out.

  14. I love paperbacks. I want to smell new books!

  15. I'm definitely a dead tree reader. When a book fall from your sleeping body it doesn't break. You drop an e-reader and you hope the warranty covers the repairs.

  16. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT ENTERED! Mary P you are our winner! I just sent you an email. Please respond back ASAP so we can get your book out to you!

    Thank you all!



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