Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dark Days by C.A. Kunz

Dark Days
Young Adult Paranormal
Release date: TBD paperback
Ebook available on Amazon
Publisher: C.A. Kunz

Back cover: Surviving tenth grade is the least of Cat Colvin's worries. 

Cat Colvin wants more than anything to just be an "average" teenager and blend in, but having found out the secret of her adoption has Cat questioning her entire life. Unfortunately, there are much deeper and darker secrets being withheld from her that may prove to threaten her very existence. Cat will be forced to make a choice: stay in Astoria and possibly endanger all that she loves, or flee and hide amongst her kind.

Friendships will be tested, family bonds will be tried, and even Cat herself will be pushed to her limits both emotionally and physically; all while trying to maintain a somewhat normal relationship with her boyfriend Ryan. What is actually going on in the quaint port town of Astoria, and are Cat and her loved ones prepared for the dark days that loom ahead? Find out in this continuation to the "*...thrilling, unputdownable story," The Childe.

*Meera Patel -RT Book Reviews

My review: Carol and Adam Kunz are amazing. I was blown away by The Childe and fell totally in love with Cat (see my review of The Childe HERE) and her world. I had no clue where Dark Days would take us. I was SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED! I could not put this book down. 

Cat grows up a lot in this book. Not just maturity but in her self. She gets more comfortable with who she is and the world around her. She adapts to what others do not see with a great fierceness. This book starts out as a page turner and does not stop. At the end of the book, you find yourself checking several times to make sure there is not "one more page" to read! 

You will love the twists, turns and characters that you have grown to love in The Childe and the new ones you meet in Dark Days. I cannot WAIT for the next book. If you have not yet started this series, I suggest  getting them BOTH at the same time because you will not want this to end EVER!!

My review of The Childe

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  1. the cover is very good. love the noon and wind

  2. Ooh I didn't know this was a sequel I thought it was book 1. I'm really curious about this world I love a good world building! (who doesnt!?) :)

  3. I have read & Loved The Childe!!Adam & Carol are Awesome writers who know how ta keep ya in suspense!!Will be startin' Dark Days very soon!!

  4. Have I mentioned how fantastic this tour is? :D I want my turn to come!!

  5. Another excellent review!! Everyone is doing such a great job with this! Kudos to you all!

  6. It's that time again...Kindle Fire giveaway question time:

    According to the reviewer, if you haven't started this series yet then what should you do?

    Remember to send your answer to Thanks again everyone :D

  7. Omg I loved Dark Days!!!!! I'm anxiously waiting for the third installment :)

  8. This book looks great. I can't wait to start reading!

  9. This book sounds very good. I'm looking forward to reading it.


  10. Great review of Dark Days! Makes me want to read it.


  11. On my wish list!!


  12. Anxiously awaiting my copy of Dark Days, so I can continue the adventure.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  13. I've heard lots of good things about this series, but haven't checked it out yet. Might have to so I can catch up.




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