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#BIR2011: THE CHILDE by C.A, Kunz - Guest Post & Giveaways

Welcome to Day 3 of Best I've Read 2011! Today we are featuring two books. The first is THE CHILDE by C.A. Kunz. We hope you enjoy this guest post from the authors. And be sure to read below for an awesome set of giveaways!

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The mystery behind C.A. Kunz and 
the creation of The Childe

We first want to say thank you so much for this honor! We were so humbled when we heard the news that our book, The Childe, was chosen as a Best I’ve Read 2011 selection. We’re ecstatic and tremendously flattered by this, you have no idea. We’d also like to send a special thank you to Mindy Fangedmom from Books Complete Me, because she is too AMAZING (yes all caps is definitely needed) for words! Now that the gushing has come to an end, let us get to the meat and potatoes of our blog post, shall we?

So you’re probably asking yourself what a mom, son, and dad have to do with the YA paranormal/fantasy novel, The Childe. Well the short answer is they created it…together! It was truly a family affair. The mom and son writing duo Carol and Adam Kunz went to great lengths to shape the story, while Robert Kunz (the dad) drew the wonderful illustrations that you find inside of the book.

A little over two years ago, Adam approached Carol with an idea to write a novel together, and she immediately jumped on board. You see, ever since Carol was a child she had dreamed of writing a book, but life seemed to always get in the way. Now, she had the chance and a terrific idea to run with. The added bonus was that The Childe fit perfectly within the genre both Carol and Adam love so much, YA paranormal/fantasy (with a splash of romance). Not to mention, with Carol being a mom herself she’d love the opportunity to write something with the hope it would get more children and teens to read (oh, and entertain all the adults who enjoy YA as well, hahaha!)

So here’s the part where we talk about our writing process. The first thing we did right after agreeing on a story topic was to make an outline…yes you heard right, an outline. Actually, after we finished the first outline we immediately began outlining the future books to make sure we knew where the story was going. As you can probably tell we’re both outline people, so this process was a must for us. Of course even though we did have an outline, that doesn’t mean we didn’t still let the story grow organically. Once we had a skeletal structure of the entire novel, we began the divvying up process, two chapters at a time. In all honesty, the writing process was not easy at first. The biggest hurdle for us to overcome was that we both had very different writing styles, and getting our voice to sound the same between chapters was kind of difficult. In fact our first rough draft was only about 190 typed pages (and when we say it was rough, believe us, it was rough) and took us about 7 months to finish. The reason it took so long to finish the first draft was due to the fact Adam works full time and lives about 45 minutes away from Carol, so it was hard to get together and edit. We spent many hours in a small room while dad/hubby (Robert) kept us fed and hydrated.

Regarding the illustrations within the book (at the beginning of each chapter, the map, and title page), we really wanted them to look like they were hand sketched right onto the pages. Originally Stephanie Kunz (daughter/sister) was supposed to do the illustrations, but she moved away and it became really hard to coordinate it long distance. Out of nowhere one day Robert piped up and asked if he could give the sketches a go. Adam was truly amazed when he saw the first sketch, which was Cat’s house (it appears on the title page), because he had no idea his dad could draw. What Robert didn’t know though was that the moment he finished the first drawing, he was locked into doing the sketches for all five books in the series with no way out. We had hooked and reeled him in, but he didn’t mind because secretly he has always wanted to put his drawing talents to good use. How lucky are we? However, Robert didn’t think his sketching abilities would translate well into a cover, so we adopted Lisa Surphlis (our book cover designer) into our family. Oh, and we think she did an AWESOME job by the way! We really couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to put this all together.

When the first proof of The Childe came in the mail, the three of us all stared at in awe for a good while. It wasn’t just words and drawings on the computer, but the real deal, it was our book. We then proceeded to take pictures with it and dance around like fools, but hey we had just achieved a life dream so we felt the crazy behavior was well justified, hahaha! Our second book in The Childe series, Dark Days, will be published as soon as Lisa is finished with its cover. We can’t wait to reveal the cover for Dark Days, because we feel it will be just as AWESOME as the first book’s cover (if not a wee bit better).

So this is our family tale of how The Childe came to be. Though it’s been a tough road at times, we wouldn’t change a thing about this whole process, and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped us reach this point. We truly hope you enjoy reading our family made series as much as we enjoyed creating it! Happy Reading!


Here is the link to my review of The Childe by our incredible author pair C.A. Kunz (a 5 book review on Books Complete Me)!!

QUICK FACT: The Childe is pronounced like Child and the meaning of the name really comes from a child born of noble birth, but there are also definitions that mean a half vampire/ half human also know as a dhampir.

Our wonderful authors have agreed to some INCREDIBLE giveaways:
  • WINNER: Samantha M 1st prize- Illustration Collage (one of a kind hand designed), signed copy of The Childe, and a swag pack (bracelet and moonstone necklace are GORGEOUS).

  • 2nd prize Petra S- Signed copy of The Childe and a swag pack

  • 3rd prize Jude H- A swag pack

  • 4th prize Kelly S- A swag pack


***Giveaway Rules***
  • Open to EVERYONE US and International.
  • +1 entry if you are a BCM blog follower using Google Friend Connect.
  • Giveaway ends December 23, 2011 at midnight EST.
  • Fill out THIS FORM to enter.
THANK YOU EVERYONE! I hope you all enjoy this series as much as I have!



  1. Thanks for the giveaway! And your right,the bracelet and moonstone necklace are GORGEOUS! I really hope I win :D

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  5. That is so cool the whole family had a part in the book. Thanks for sharing a copy,

  6. cheers so much for the giveaway! And your right,the bracelet and moonstone necklace are GORGEOUS! I really hope I win...

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