Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Metamorphosis by Devon Ashley - Character Interview

I just had to interview you Abby!! Maybe it's because I like girls who kick butt.

BCM: How scared were you when you had to face Metamorphosis?

Abby: Honestly, until I began to see the changes physically, I didn’t even believe it was truly happening to me. But I ain’t gonna lie. Out of all the horrors I’ve faced in my lifetime, this metamorphosis truly scared me at times, cause I just didn’t know why it was happening or what would happen to me when it was over.

BCM: Will we ever know what your father did to your mom, besides kill her?

Abby: Touchy subject for me. Noel probably knows more about that than I do and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s kept a few details from me. But seeing as how my father and I are both immortal, I guarantee you that nightmare of a man will linger and rear its ugly head once more. I’m not lucky enough to lose him for eternity.

BCM: What do you make of the powers that Emily has?

Abby: WTH, right? Noel and I honestly didn’t know what to expect since Emily was accidently infected with my blood. Lord Gaius, the head of vampire organization, would tell you that Emily’s newfound powers are exactly why we only use the baseline blood to make new members. She’s already accessed my wind manipulation power. Who knows what she’ll be capable of in a few years, or if she’ll develop more powers. (I have a feeling our recruiter Nicodemus will be incredibly ticked off at me for this. He’s been trying to revoke my membership since I became a pure vampire. And by revoking my vampirism, I don’t mean simply stripping my title…)

BCM: Why did you go back to the Order? To help them?

Abby: ROFL!!! To help THEM? Heck no! I’ll admit that The Order’s organization has a purpose in this world and now that Eraticus isn’t killing off the hunters, hopefully they’ll be able to fulfill that purpose. I went back because I knew I was ordained to fight Morphus, and I knew that if he decided to come looking for me, headquarters of the Order was gonna be the first place he looked. As much as I hated the Order for what they did to me, I would never allow that demon the chance to wipe out what hunters were left in this world. (The leaders of that organization…well, that’s another matter.)

BCM: What is your hope for the future? (I know, that's broad!)

Abby: That’s incredibly broad for an immortal. For the time being, I’d just like a few years of peace and quiet before it all goes to hell again.

Thanks Abby for taking the time to let me interview you!

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  1. I love character interviews. They help me get to know and often want to know them better while looking forward to reading a good book. Thank you for sharing today.



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