Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: This Thing Called the Future by JL Powers

This Thing Called the Future by JL Powers
Published Date:
April 2011
Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press

The Story: Khosi lives with her beloved grandmother Gogo, her little sister Zi, and her weekend mother in a matchbox house on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. In that shantytown, it seems like somebody is dying all the time. Billboards everywhere warn of the disease of the day. Her Gogo goes to a traditional healer when there is trouble, but her mother, who works in another city and is wasting away before their eyes, refuses even to go to the doctor. She is afraid and Khosi doesn't know what it is that makes the blood come up from her choking lungs. Witchcraft? A curse? AIDS? Can Khosi take her to the doctor? Gogo asks. No, says Mama, Khosi must stay in school. Only education will save Khosi and Zi from the poverty and ignorance of the old Zulu ways.

School, though, is not bad. There is a boy her own age there, Little Man Ncobo, and she loves the color of his skin, so much darker than her own, and his blue-black lips, but he mocks her when a witch's curse, her mother's wasting sorrow, and a neighbor's accusations send her and Gogo scrambling off to the sangoma's hut in search of a healing potion.

My Review: I loved reading this book. My grandparents went to South Africa for two years, and through them I grew to love the people there. In reading This Thing Called the Future, you come to understand that the people knew AIDS can kill, and that there was no hope. The only hope was not to have sex before getting married. Khosi's mom and Gogo (grandma) want a better life for her and her sister. They know that she could do so much good for their community. You can't help but cheer Khosi on for the choices she makes.


  1. Great review, will put this one my list. Thanx.

  2. Such a talented author and a story that feels so real!



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