Monday, September 26, 2011

This Thing Called the Future by J.L. Powers - This or That

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This or That with J.L. Powers!!

Pen or pencil I will always choose the pen! I used to experience serious pen lust on a daily basis. It was all I could do to keep my hands off of a good pen. In fact, I used to make jokes about it when I’d hand a pen back to a friend after borrowing it. “I don’t want to be a pen thief,” I’d say, all moral and righteous, while in truth I was thinking (in the back of my head), “Sucker! If your pen was halfway decent, it’d be mine, all mine, hahahahahahahaha.”

I had a serious case of pen kleptomania for years.

The pen didn’t need to be expensive. In fact, cheapo pens were good, as long as the ink flowed well. My drug pen of choice? Pilot Precise V-7 point, with blue or black ink.

A guy once seduced me because of his Pilot Precise V-7 point pen with light blue ink, something I had never seen before. Later, when I emailed him to say, “Sorry for stealing your pen, ha-ha,” he wrote a long email back letting me know he’d noticed how I glanced longingly at the pen, how I kept caressing it after he’d let me borrow it, how I kept subtly offering to return it to him even while snatching it back, how I’d secretly and surreptitiously (or so I thought) secreted it in my purse.

I was a goner for him.

Car or bike Actually, I will choose neither. Instead, I’ll walk! I love walking, and if the destination is less than 2 miles away, I’ll usually choose to walk rather than to take the car. Maybe I’d bike if my bike was accessible but sadly it is hidden behind lots of heavy boxes of books in the garage.

Gum or mint Despite the fact that I don’t like to look like a cow chewing his cud, I will always choose gum over mint. Mint leaves a residual taste that seems kind of gross.

Skirt or pants 99% of the time, I wear jeans. Skirts feel like dressing up. And because I work at home, I don’t have to dress up.

Flowers or chocolate Chocolate gives me migraines, sadly, so I will choose the flowers. And lucky for me, my husband likes to give me flowers.

Gym or personal trainer Gym. I don’t need a personal trainer all up in my bid-ness. But actually, I hate the gym. It’s boring. I prefer to go for a long walk or on a hike, where the scenery changes.

Jewelry or none None! I could never be bothered. I buy jewelry on occasion but I always forget to wear it. I have earrings but I wear the same little hoops every day so I don’t have to think about it.

Painting or craft Painting. I was always bad at crafts. It was my least favorite subject in school. In fact, the idea of making crafts still stresses me out, probably the same way a lot of people feel about writing an essay.

Plane or train Oooooh, trains are much more romantic. But sadly, I will go for the plane since it’s faster.

Ebook or physical copy Physical copy! I love love love books. Having said that, I’ve asked for a Kindle for Christmas. We just don’t have space in our house for any more books. All available space, including the walls of the garage, is lined with books. It hurts me to give books away. But in the last year, I’ve done it because I had to.

Laptop or tablet I write with the laptop. It’s much faster. Also, it doesn’t hurt. A few years ago, before I had a laptop, I took a lot of handwritten notes in the Yale University archives while I was working on a master’s degree in African history at SUNY-Albany. I worked so hard that I hurt myself badly and spent the next several years using voice-activation software because my hands were that badly mangled in the process. Oh, the pain. And still to this day, if I write too much, the pain returns. So laptop it is!

Thanks so much for joining us today, J.L! 

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