Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Devil.May.Care. by Jolene Ballard Gutierrez

Devil.May.Care. by Jolene Ballard Gutierrez
Published Date:
April 2011
Publisher: Create Space
Genre: YA

The Story: When Ana takes off flying across the high school stage, her life is forever changed.

Searching for answers, Ana meets Gabrielle, her mentor. Gabrielle teaches Ana that she’s an angel and is here on Earth to help prepare for a war between good and evil.

The only problem? Ana can’t always tell who’s good and who’s evil.

While she’s learning, Ana meets the man of her dreams, Dylan. He’s gorgeous, sexy, and really seems to care about Ana. Even though he’s a demon, Ana’s heart tells her to trust him.

Then Ana’s world is shattered and she finds herself alone and afraid. As the boundaries between good and evil blur, Ana realizes she no longer knows who she can trust and who might be out to kill her.

My Review: Woa, this is a different book about good an evil. Ana is told that she's an angel sent down in a human body to save the world. But she has to learn for herself, who is good and who is evil. It's amazing the story Gutierrez has created for us. We follow Ana as she discovers herself and who can be trusted. I love it when books have good meanings, like always trusting yourself, even when no one else seems to be.

Thanks Jolene for letting me review your book!


  1. thanks for the review! haven't heard of this one before, but will check it out!

    here's my latest review, just posted it! for the predicteds! stop by! :)

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to review my book! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it.



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