Thursday, September 1, 2011

Delirium Special Edition Blog Tour: Amor Deliria Nervosa In the Real World

Words can't express the amount of love I have for Lauren Oliver's books and now, her brand new Special Edition of one of my all-time favorite books, Delirium. Check out the old cover (right) and new cover (left):

Isn't it gorgeous?? I loved the first cover, but this new one is breathtaking! Plus, it has some really cool extras that are a must for anyone who's a fan. 

Be sure to check out HarperTeen's FEATURE PAGE for this Special Edition with an excerpt from book two, Pandemonium.

She's here with us today to tell us about her own experience with Amor Deliria Nervosa. It's a sweet story and I promise it'll only make you love Lauren and her books even more. 

Haven't read Delirium yet? Don't fret. We're offering you a chance to win a Special Edition copy for yourself below. 

And now for Amor Deliria Nervosa In The Real World with Lauren Oliver: 

Michael and I had only been on two dates when I had to fly to Chicago for family/personal reasons for several days. We spent the entire four-day period of my absence texting. I mean, we literally texted the entire time--we probably exchanged about one hundred texts a day. A rabid music fan, he sent me daily song recommendations. After listening, I would text him my reaction so he could try and get a sense of my taste. We flirted, joked, shared, and even sent pics (I’ll leave you to imagine what kind of pics they were). We also spoke on the phone several times a day, and even though I knew it was crazy, I was also sure that I was rapidly falling in love with this almost-stranger.

            On the Tuesday I was supposed to fly back to New York, we made our third date. I was crazily, over-the-top excited to see him, and super freaked out when I checked the weather and saw that a bad storm was supposed to roll into Chicago almost exactly at the time I was supposed to leave. There was simply no way that I was missing my date with Michael. 

            So, as added insurance, I purchased two additional plane tickets, on two different airlines, leaving at two different times—leaving me with a total of three possible ways to get to New York.

            And I did, and it was great—even though it turned out he was also doing some pretty crazy things in the name of amor deliria nervosa, and was trying valiantly to pretend he had not spent the previous 24 hours puking his guts out with food poisoning. All’s well that ends well—we were engaged a month later!


Want to learn more about Lauren and Delirium, plus have more chances to win a Special Edition copy? Follow along with the rest of the tour:

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**Giveaway Rules**

  • We have one Special Edition copy of Delirium to give away, thanks to HarperTeen.
  • Open to U.S. Mailing Addresses only. No P.O. Boxes.
  • Giveaway ends  at midnight on 9/8. 
  • Fill out THIS FORM to enter. 
  • Want extra entry points? Be sure to fill out the last box in the form telling us about your own experiences with Amor Deliria Nervosa.  


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