Friday, August 26, 2011

Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout - Interview

I was able to interivew Jennifer L. Armentrout, as part of the Teen Book Scene book tour!! Half-Blood will be coming out next month! Right now, you can get Daimon - the prequel to Half-Blood.

BCM: Do you have brown eyes, or do you have something against brown eyes?!
JLA: Ha! I actually have brown eyes, so I guess I have to like them. Alex hates her
brown eyes because everyone has cooler eyes than her. But… there’s a reason for

BCM: Do you play guitar?
JLA: Um, I’ve held one a few times. Strummed it and maybe played the opening rift of
Metallic’s Nothing Else Matters. Other than that, no.

BCM: What do you like about working with Kate Kaynak?
JLA: Oh gods of Olympia, she is terrible to work with. She makes me cut scenes and
calls me names. I’m just kidding. She’s awesome to work with. Couldn’t ask for a
better editor at SHP for the series. I think she loves the characters and story just as much as I do, which is huge.

BCM: I want to know, if it was your last meal what would it be?
JLA: Funny fact: A few days ago I was procrastinating and reading TMZ website, which
was doing a feature on last meals. Freaky. I’d go with: medium rare steak, lobster
tail, scallops, cheese fries, and a root beer. Maybe some seared ahi tuna, too.

BCM: What is your favorite time of the year?
JLA: Fall

BCM: Do you do anything to prevent writer's block?
JLA: Besides, punching it in the face? I push through it. Yep, I force myself through it. That’s not the greatest technique for everyone.

BCM: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
JLA: Greece.

BCM: What prompted you to write/publish Daimon? (though I'm very glad you did!)
JLA: Boredom? No. No. Just kidding. I got to thinking about wanting to show what
happened to Alex leading up to Half-Blood and how people may understand her
a little more. I pitched the idea to SHP and they loved it. Rest is free download

BCM: If you couldn't write anymore, what would you be doing?
JLA: I’d probably be rocking back and forth in a padded cell.

BCM: What's your typical day like?
JLA: Oh Lordie, it’s kind of boring. Get up—late. Take a shower. Take the dog out. Stare at husband. Go to work (yes I have a day job). Check email obsessively, because
you never know when news may come. Stalk Goodreads. Play on Twitter. Maybe
actually work. Check emails. Go home/go to gym. Then eat and write. Stare at dog
and husband. Write some more. Maybe go to sleep.

BCM: Can I just tell you Jennifer that it's so much fun to interview authors?!
JLA: Can I tell you that I loved your questions? Thank you for having me!!


  1. Great interview! I can imagine author's rocking in a padded cell if they couldn't write or maybe they would actually be talking to the voices.

  2. Nice interview. Jennifer is so fun.


  3. Jen rocks. I always enjoy her interviews. Can't wait for HB! I want the pretty cover on my bookshelf, darnit!



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