Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: Restraint by Sandra Madera

Restriant by Sandra Madera
Publication Date: May 2011
Publisher: Self
Genre: YA

The Story: After the abrupt death of her father, Laura Carter and her sister, Linda, are shipped off to England by an uncle they barely know. They are taken to a large house in Annesley to begin a life of service. When Laura becomes a governess to a young boy named Marcus, she begins to experience strange things in the night... horrible things. Creatures in the night. Bite marks on her body. Laura is about to discover a secret that has existed in her family for generations... They want to possess her. They want her blood, but they didn't expect her to resist and lose all restraint.

My Review: Laura is leary of her uncle, and with good reason. Madera has given us a different take on vampires and servitude. We follow two sisters, Linda - who seems really clueless to everything, and Laura - who feels like the unwanted sister. Laura's father treats her like a young child, instead of the young women she is. They're creepy uncle comes the day after their father dies, telling them that England is now going to be home.

Inde, or self-published books, are doing good in the book world. Madera's book is no different! I enjoyed reading this book, and the best part, the story isn't over. Lament will be published late this year or early next year!


  1. It sounds interesting, but a little derivative of The Master of Rampling Gate (a short by Anne Rice). Still, I'm a sucker for a good vampire tale, so I might check this one out. Thanks for the rec!


  2. I read this ebook on a recommendation from a friend who read it recently and I really enjoyed it. The suspense builds until it is brought to a fulfilling conclusion. I liked that the main character was in a very vulnerable position and still remain strong and rebellious. She fought back to the bitter end which I liked. I would totally recommend this read.

    - Margarita

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