Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quiz: Human or Demigod? (Guest post with Karsten Knight & Giveaway)

Happy Release Day to Wildefire by Karsten Knight!!! 

Not only is today RELEASE DAY for one of my absolute favorite books of all time (read: Wildefire), today is the last day of the Wildefire Blog Tour and we are thrilled to have author Karsten Knight here with us for this super fun guest post. He has created an awesome quiz to help you determine whether you're human or actually a demigod. Be sure to keep track of your points!

If the gods and goddesses were reincarnated into mortal bodies with no memory of their former lives, like the characters in WILDEFIRE, then the scary truth is that you could be a goddess and not even know it. Fortunately, since I am an expert on the matter (and also a part-time Norse god), I have created a quiz to help you determine whether you are a rational but boring mortal or volatile demigod. Keep track of your points on a piece of paper or an abacus.

1.      It’s 3rd grade and you’ve just been sent to sleep-away camp. During Arts & Crafts, the counselor gives you a pile of wooden popsicle sticks and superglue. You build:
a.       A birdfeeder. Mom and Pop don’t have a bird, but they’ll be so proud! (+1)
b.      Nunchuks. Your powers aren’t quite developed yet, but you have no problem Nunchuk-ing Timmy in the face if he tries to steal your pudding cup at lunch again (+3)
c.       A miniature funeral pyre for your bunkmate’s favorite doll. She keeps talking to it in her sleep. (+5)

2.      You’re in the psychologist’s office and she shows you a Rorschach diagram. The ink plots on the picture resemble:
a.       A fluffy sheep prancing through a field of gumdrops, unicorn horns and puppy-dog tails (+1)
b.      A herd of oily black creatures loping through a redwood forest of deceit and treachery (+4)
c.       Karsten Knight wearing only a fig leaf (+5)

3.      Your boyfriend just cheated on you DURING school. Your first priority is to:
a.       Exact vengeance on your boyfriend. After all, he was the one who strayed. (+2)
b.      Exact vengeance on his flavor of the week. After all, Hera always went after the women form Zeus’s affairs, and that’s what goddesses do, right? (+3)
c.       Exact vengeance on both of them. They’ll make a beautiful couple…in the Underworld. (+5)

4.      You’re walking to the bookstore to pick up a copy of some new book everyone’s raving about called WILDEFIRE, when all of the sudden, the sunny afternoon transforms into a torrential downpour. You:
a.       Make like the proverbial Little Piggy and cry “Wee! Wee! Wee!” all the way home, because rain terrifies you. (+1)
b.      You revel in the rain and spin around like a crazy person, letting it soak you to the bone. After all, 70% of the human body is water, so 70% of you feels right at home. The other 30% is going for a swim. (+3)
c.       You hold your hand up to the sky and sending bolts of lightning forking down into traffic. Downpours are for babies. Thunderstorms are for big girls. (+5)

5.      You’re feeling a bit lonely around the house, so you drive to the pet store at the mall. After tapping on all of the glass cages, you eventually settle on
a.       A phoenix. It can use the birdfeeder you made at summer camp and things that spontaneously combust make you feel right at home. (+1)
b.      A narwhal. Because when a whale loves a unicorn… (+2)
c.       A Hydra, because it reminds you of your shoe collection. When you get rid of one pair, three new pairs grow back in their place. (+5)

10 or fewer points: You are a mortal. Your idea of living on the wild side is wearing khakis that haven’t been properly ironed or ordering a salad with the dressing NOT on the side.
11-20 points: You are a demigod. You can’t remember your last life, but if it was anything like this one, there’s a probably a century-old warrant out for your arrest…for the crime of being awesome.
21-25: You are a being of unspeakable wickedness. You have a lifetime membership to both the Evil League of Evil and the Department of Redundancy Department.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster we are giving away one finished copy of Wildefire. Read below to enter. 

  • U.S. Mailing Addresses Only;
  • +1 entry for following Karsten Knight's BLOG;
  • Ends midnight EST August 2, 2011;
  • Fill out this FORM to enter.  
Also, click HERE to check out the rest of the stops on the tour for more chances to laugh your butt off and to enter to win the book too.


  1. Thanks for the giveaway peeps!! I'm a demigod by the way!!! WOOHOO!!!

  2. That was a cool quiz. I am a demigod!

  3. Oh my! I am feeling so guilty it appears that I have a "lifetime membership to both the Evil League of Evil and the Department of Redundancy Department." LOL Please still be my friend:)

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway opportunity.

  4. That was a fun quiz :) I got 16 points I'm a demigod, sweet. I wonder which ancient land I use to be worshiped on?



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