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Review & Giveaway: Fury by Elizabeth Miles

Release Date: September 6, 2011
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Genre: YA Paranormal
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The Story: Sometimes sorry isn't enough....

It's winter break in Ascension, Maine. The snow is falling and everything looks pristine and peaceful. But not all is as it seems...

Between cozy traditions and parties with her friends, Emily loves the holidays. And this year's even better--the guy she's been into for months is finally noticing her. But Em knows if she starts things with him, there's no turning back. Because his girlfriend is Em's best friend.

On the other side of town, Chase is having problems of his own. The stress of his home life is starting to take its toll, and his social life is unraveling. But that's nothing compared to what's really haunting him. Chase has done something cruel...something the perfect guy he pretends to be would never do. And it's only a matter of time before he's exposed.

In Ascension, mistakes can be deadly. And three girls—three beautiful, mysterious girls—are here to choose who will pay.

Em and Chase have been chosen.

My Review: Fury sucked me in right away. The story is told from first from Em's point of view and then Chase's with the chapters alternating. I loved not knowing what was going to happen next and waiting for the moment when Em and Chase would realize that something had gone terribly, terribly wrong. They have both made some pretty bad decisions, ones that have forever affected the lives of those around them. But do they deserve to be punished? Someone certainly thinks so.

Even though I wanted to cringe most of the time at Em's thoughts and following actions early on in the book, I couldn't help but be intrigued by what would happen next. Would she make the right decision? Would she do what she knew was wrong? It was heartbreaking to watch unfold but entirely realistic for her age. Heck, it's realistic for any age.

I felt for Chase from the very beginning of his story. I could relate to his childhood and how money seemed to be a road block for way too much in life. Despite his lack of funds, he was still able to bring himself to the top of the popularity chain through his athletic gifts. I wanted so badly for him to turn things around, but before long we learn that Chase is hiding a dark secret, something that no one else knows and is eating him up inside from the very first chapter.

There were also some secondary characters that were so well developed that I felt like I knew them just as well as Em and Chase. Gabby, JD and Zach are intricate to the story from the beginning. They weave in and out of the book with such ease, it makes me wonder exactly how they will come into play in the next round. I love the suspense of it, though.

I found Fury to be beautifully written, gripping from the start, and a unique start to a new series that I'm dying to read more of. The end of Fury left me wanting book two, like, right now. Seriously.

My Rating:

Just for fun and a little foreshadowing, we've got a couple of quickfire Q&A with Chase and Em. Enjoy!

Would you rather cheat or be cheated on? 
Em: Both sound so terrible! 
Chase: Cheat, I guess. Being cheated on would be humiliating.

I'm afraid of: 
Em: Not figuring out what I want to do with my life—who I want to be.
Chase: Losing control.

And be sure to check out the Playlist for Fury below. It's pretty awesome!


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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway! The playlist is pretty awesome too!!

  2. I hadn't really given Fury much thought before, I mean I wanted to read it, but I wasn't absolutely dying for it. That's starting to change now. I love a book that sucks the reader in right away and then never lets go. Plus, I'm kinda in love with how the playlist has Tegan & Sara, Mumford and Sons, AND Justin Timberlake on it. Awesome!

    Thanks for the giveaway too :)

  3. I love the playlist! And thanks for a great giveaway :)
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  4. I have been stalking the tour and really would love to read Fury. Thank you for participating and for the lovely giveaway opportunity.

  5. Sounds great! I can't wait to read it.

  6. I'm honestly on the fence about this one. While the premise sounds interesting (and the cover is gorgeous!), I don't have much patience when the MC continuously makes bad mistakes without ever learning from them.


  7. I am intrigued to learn more about this book! Sounds fantastic!



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