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Betrayed Character Interview with Bran

I had the INCREDIBLE honor of interviewing Bran, bad boy turned good. Being a gurardian, Bran and Lil are such a great couple. Read the interview below to find out more about Bran and his life as a Guardian!

Mindy: (walks into room and sees Bran already there. He’s dressed in black T-shirt that hugs his chest, black jeans and boots, his black, gorgeous feathers out and shining. I tried to speak but nothing comes out. All I can do is shake my head in pure awe as I walk over to him, hand outstretched to shake his hand.)

Bran (takes my hand): Mindy. How are you doing?

Mindy: (I open and close my mouth as electricity fills my body from the contact. That silky voice, those wings, oh my…not fair Lil has him).
Bran (cocks his right eyebrow and smiles, dimples flashing on his lean cheeks, then says in a cool and casual manner): Yes, she does, and I am totally into her.
Mindy: (Holy cow...he read my mind? Or am I that obvious?? Talk about a MAJOR blow to my ego! UGH... *palms face*...What an idiot I am. MUST GET IT TOGETHER!!)

Bran (chuckles): So? Can we do this?

Mindy (where’s a fan when you need one. I’m tomato face): Yes, of course.  Please, take a seat.

Bran (straddles a chair, wings flowing down his back like a cloak, folds his arms on the top of the back and studies Mindy): Your friend is interviewing my Lil, right?

Mindy (my Lil, aaw…): Yes, next door. Don’t tell me you miss her already.

Bran: I don’t.

Mindy (chuckles): Then why are you blushing?

Bran (scowl): I don’t blush.

Mindy: I know that you are totally in love with Lil. I don't blame you at all. She’s gorgeous. Oh GOSH don't tell her I said that!!!!! Whether you were just reading my face or my mind, please ignore that. I want to be professional here…sweat slides down the side of my left temple…GREAT now I am sweating…

Bran (leans forward): Listen, don’t worry too much about me reading your thoughts. Will this be easier if I promise not to?

Mindy (blows out air): Yes, please.

Bran (smiles again): Good. You have my word. Now shoot.

Mindy (nods): So, how does it feel to be a Guardian?

Bran: Great! I enjoy it.

Mindy: Do you ever miss your "Dark Days"?

Bran (shakes his head): No.

Mindy (leans forward and whispers): Come on, Bran. You can tell me. I promise not to tell anyone.

Bran (chuckles): No rules, free to do as you please, senseless mayhem left and right for the fun of it… What is to miss?

Mindy (laughs): So what makes you stay with the Guardians?

Bran (stops smiling): I love Lil, and my place is with her. Then there’s that little voice in the back of my head telling me to do the right thing.

Mindy (sighs): Very noble. So how old are you?

Bran: I was born nineteen years ago, so I’m REALLY nineteen.

Mindy: I don’t believe that.

Bran: Ah, you’ve been watching movies and TV series about Nosferatus. My sister does too. We don’t get turned at a certain age. We’re Nephilim. The Nosferatu, or vampires as you call them, are just a sub-group of our race born with fangs, who are incapable of digesting normal foods and must feed on human blood. They also happen to be allergic to sunlight. We’re born, we live, we die.

Mindy (eyes wide): Wow, I had no idea. What’s the average lifespan of a Nephil?

Bran (his expression becomes thoughtful): Eight hundred to a thousand years.

Mindy: In a fight between you and Sykes, who would win and why?

Bran (chuckles and rolls his eyes, his wings lifting ever so slightly): Please, he wouldn’t stand a chance in Tartarus. I’ve more experience and could turn him into a prune before he even thinks of creating an energy ball.

Mindy: Does he really bother you as much as you let on?

Bran (makes a face): No. I just like to give him a hard time so he doesn’t cross the line.

Mindy (leans forward): So if you caught him kissing Lil…

Bran (smile disappears from his face and a thunderous expression flickers on and off).

Mindy: Never mind. What is your favorite color?

Bran: Moss-green

Mindy (frowns): Isn’t that the color of Lil’s eyes?

Bran (gives me a wide-eyed innocent look): Is it?
Mindy (chuckles): What do you like to do for fun? Guardian duties keep you pretty busy but there has to be something fun about you we don't know about!

Bran: Lil and I have special places, or we hang out at her place and just kick back

Mindy (wiggles her brow): Or makeout?

Bran (grins): Oh yeah.

Mindy (lucky girl): I am so touched by the promise you made to Lil's grandfather. Very honorable for you. Do we get to hear wedding bells in the future? Go ahead and decline to answer...I have to try though right?
Bran: Actually whether we have a pactus depends on Lil. Among the Nephilim, women chose their mates, not the other way.

Mindy (frowns): Pactus?

Bran: A formal agreement to mate…an engagement…betrothed…affianced.

Mindy: (I study his face, not sure what I’m seeing): Are you worried she might not choose you?
Bran (chuckles, but seems worried): Of course not.

Mindy: Last question. Tell me something about you that we don't already know. It can be ANYTHING!

Bran (a sheepish expression settles on his face): Hmm-mm, I’m learning how to cook from Remy. Anything else? I think Lil is done with your friend…(gets to his feet)

Mindy (watches his wings as they lift and lower. Don’t ask to touch his feathers…don’t ask…don’t ask don’t ask...) Uhm...excuse me. I need to get some water.

Bran is pouring some for me from a tray on the side table before I even start to stand. Next second he hands me the glass. I get a zing when our fingers touch!.

Mindy (blurts out): Do you have a brother by any chance?
Bran (flashes his gorgeous smile, dimples appearing then disappearing): Yes, I do as a matter of fact.

Mindy: Can I meet him?

Bran (grimaces, a strange expression on his face): Sure. Perhaps you would like to interview him?

Mindy: Uhm....of course I would. Wait...does he have a powerful Guardian girlfriend or something. I mean, I do not want to be hunted down for, uh, drooling over him!

Bran (eyes twinkling): Nah, I think you will be ok.  But first, you might have to speak with the all mighty Ednah about this one!

Mindy: Thank you! This was fun!! (And I really want to touch those feathers too. Will he say no if I asked?)

Bran (moves closer then turns around): Go ahead, touch them

Mindy (Oh crap, he heard me. Blushing, I touch the feathers. They are so soft. I rest my cheek on one giant wing and close my eyes.

Lil: They’re soft, aren’t they?

My eyes fly open, surprised she’s joined us. But she’s smiling, not angry or acting jealous. I step away from Bran. he pulls her in his arms.

Bran (winks at me): It’s been fun, Mindy. Till next time. (They teleport).

HOLY WOWSERS! I am am going to cool off and email EDNAH WALTERS right now. I need to get this EXCLUSIVE interview wtih Bran's brother!

THANK THE GODS that Lil is cool as heck, just like I thought she would be!

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  1. Wow great interview !!! I want I love Bran buttons to wear all over my shirt ** My guardian shirt of course ** loved the interview MIndy !! teehee !! lots of fun !


  2. still. on cool down & happy Li is cool!!!

  3. Fantastic interview. Love me some Bran. ;)

  4. That was fun, I must Thanks for the love.

  5. :D Great and very fun interview Mindy. I think I would just lose all my nerves if I had to interview him..... His wings would just distract me way too much. Can't wait to read the new book either. Yay Ednah.

  6. Oh Bran my Book Boyfriend!

    terilhack at gmail dot com

  7. awesome interview i love Ednah and i love Bran from what i read of him so far.




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