Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This or That with Myra McEntire

In case you haven't already heard (where have you been???), Myra McEntire is the author of a fantastic beyond words book called HOURGLASS. It's awesome. It's great. It's sexy. Did I mention it's fantastic? 

So we are super excited to have Myra with us here today for a fun This or That guest post. We hope you enjoy it and if you haven't already be sure to get your hands on your own copy of HOURGLASS. You won't be disappointed.

Apartment or House - The one most in need of interior design.
Eyes or Smile - Smile.
Modern or Abstract Art - Modern.
Bad Boys or Sensitive Boys - Sensitive. I hit the jackpot with Thomas.
Coffee or Tea - Tea. Mint.
Boxers or Briefs - HA!
Cake or Pie Pie. - Pecan.
Skirt or Shorts - Skirt.
Heels or Flats - Heels.
Milk or Juice - Juice! 

Thank you so much for stopping by, Myra!


  1. I can see her love of design carried into the book.

    And I agree with your first paragraph; Hourglass is an amazing book that everyone should read!



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