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"From Bad to Cursed" THIS OR THAT with Katie Alender

Author Katie Alender's new book "From Bad to Cursed" is set to release in June 2011. Katie's first book "Bad Girls don't die" was incredible! I have not been that spooked by a book in YEARS. I don't scare easily either. I am SO SUPER excited for book 2 "From Bad to cursed" to hit the shelves. Luckily, I will be posting my review on June 15th as I am getting an ARC for review.

Book 1Bad Girls Don’t Die - April 2009; ISBN: 978-1423108764 (hardcover), 978-1423108771 (paperback)
Book 2From Bad to Cursed – June 2011; ISBN: 978-1423134718 (hardcover)
Book 3: currently untitled – June 2012 (tentative)

Katie has been kind enough to answer her This or That's of life! 

Hot or Cold
Cold! I've been a cold person ever since I was 12 years old and decided to stop trying to be tan. Needless to say, this was a bit of a challenge growing up in South Florida. This winter I went skiing in Colorado, and even the minus-twenty degree temperatures didn't faze me. (The worst part was running through the parking lot to the hot tub at the end of the day!)

Winter or Summer
Winter by a long shot. Although I'm starting to be able to deal with summer a weensy bit, I would always rather it be cold outside than hot. When it's cold, you can bundle up and be cozy--when it's hot, you have to sloth around and sweat all over everything. 

Rain or Shine
Rain--in moderation. We don't get much of it out here in California, so it's a novelty. (Especially since I don't have to drive in it!)

Day or Night
Day. I'm a morning person. At night I turn into a pumpkin. 

Read or Write
Oh, now, that's not a fair choice! As of right now, I'm in "Write" mode, but that's because I'm on a deadline. As soon as I have a little time, it's going to be "Read read read!" I have lost time to make up for!

Boat or Plane
Plane. Boats involve sun and heat. Maybe I'd go on a cruise to Alaska. 

Funny or Scary
Funny, please! Despite writing scary novels, I am a huge fraidy cat. I'm always in the mood to watch comedy movies--it drives my husband crazy! 

Rhino or Hippo
Hippo. I don't know why. I'm going to go with my gut on this, though.

TV or Internet
Internet, but I say that with reservations. Because there are so many really interesting shows on TV these days, and a lot of times, the internet is just a way for me to waste massive amounts of time.

Pen or Keyboard
Pen for journals, writing letters, and jotting down notes and thoughts about stories. Keyboard for the actual writing work.

Book or Ebook
I love any format--paper, electronic, audio. I like to keep my favorite writing books electronically, because then I can reference them from any computer, anywhere in the house. I like audiobooks when I'm sewing. And I like paper books for all the other times.

Fruit or Veggies
Um... macaroni and cheese?

Being haunted or being the haunter
Talk about a rock and a hard place! I'm going to go with being haunted, because as poor oft-haunted Alexis has taught me, it builds character.

Facebook or Twitter
I have more fun on Twitter, but Facebook is great for connecting with people. 

Chocolate or Vanilla
Chocolate. If it must be white, I'll take white chocolate.

Thank you so much for visiting us Katie! I have to say though that Rhino's are my absolute favorite animal, just for the record! hahaha...SO looking forward to book #2 in this series!!!

Short bio:
Katie Alender is the author of the Bad Girls Don’t Die series from Disney-Hyperion. She is a graduate of the Florida State University Film School and lives in Los Angeles. When she’s not writing novels, she can usually be found in her sewing room, making things for her friends or her dog (or her friends’ dogs). She enjoys reading, eating delicious high-calorie foods, and hanging out with her husband and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Winston.
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Stay tuned for my review of "From Bad to cursed" RIGHT HERE On June 15th. 
Here is the full blog tour details: BLOG TOUR


  1. I don't ever remember reading a spooky book...but this one has my interest!!

  2. Sounds very interesting, I'll have to get the first book to see if I like it:)
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