Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"From Bad to Cursed" Book Trailer Debute

I had the pleasure of getting book trailer BEHIND THE SCENES pictures from author Katie Alender for her new book "From Bad to Cursed". Her first book in the series "Bad Girls Don't Die" is an incredible book! It spooked me pretty good and that is no easy feat as I do not scare easily. I am so excited to read this book as I can only imagine what is in store for us!

So I challenge you, our wonderful readers, to share your feeling on this incredible series!  If you have not read it yet, GO NOW! Trust me, you will love it!

Zendaya (From Disney Channel's Shake It Up!) stars in the trailer for Katie Alender's new novel, BAD GIRLS DON'T DIE: FROM BAD TO CURSED, available now from Hyperion! After we made the first trailer, we knew we'd created a big pair of shoes for ourselves to fill. It was really important to me that this trailer be similar to the first one in that it isn't just text and photos fading in and out--it's an actual glimpse into the story world. And yet, we knew it needed to be different, too. Not just because to copy ourselves would be weird and turn off the viewers, but because we're always up for a challenge. If something's worth doing, it's worth doing to the best of your abilities.

From the earliest conception, this trailer was always going to be about getting externally beautiful while the monster lurks inside. Initially, I wanted to do it in the style of those stop-motion pieces that show a model getting her makeup done. But my husband is more attracted to a cinematic approach, so we worked together to develop this. We had planned to try to shoot in April, but we ended up not shooting until June 11--last Saturday! We were able to finish the edit and sound design the very next day and get it out for sharing Monday. It debuted yesterday and now we're just going to see where it goes.

Being a film school graduate, I write my books visually. So seeing the material translated like this is thrilling for me. We had an amazing crew, and of course my husband is the best director on the planet (in his wife's humble opinion). I'm fully aware of how fortunate I am that these two facets of creativity come together for us. It's really exciting, and I love sharing this kind of vision of the stories with my readers, too.

 "From Bad to Cursed" by Katie Alender

Thank you Katie for being such an incredible author and sharing this with us today!!


  1. This is a great post and that trailer is so amazing. I love it! Represents the book perfectly.

  2. wow coolest book trailer I've seen yet! I have to read the first book though. :P

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book trailer!

  4. Thanks everyone. Katie is AMAZING. I seriously do not scare easy at all and I was SPOOKED like crazy after reading the first book. It was GREAT! there is nothing better than a good ghost story. This is the BEST ghost story I have read in YEARS! So yes, go out and get Bad Girls Don't Die and read it asap before From Bad to Cursed comes out! and then come back and let me know your thoughts on it!!!

    Thank you!!!

  5. Oh, now that sounds like a good book :) I'll have to check out the first book then get this one :)
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