Monday, June 13, 2011

Bloodspell by Amalie Howard - When I'm not Writing

We have Amalie author of Bloodspell, letting us know what she does when she's not writing! Look for the other stops on the tour from Teen Book Scene! My review will post later next month, check it out then... ;)

When I’m not writing novels, which is my driving passion (apart from Bloodspell, I’ve written another urban fantasy series about guardian angels with a twist, as well as a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel in the vein of Suzanne Collins), I spend any free time I have reading. I love, love, love reading. I have foregone sleep for books many a time, especially if it’s a really good one. I positively adore Young Adult books! Some of my favorite authors are Suzanne Collins, Kristin Cashore, and Cassandra Clare. Right now, I am reading Sapphique by Catherine Fisher, the second book in the Incarceron series. I find the concept of a technologically-advanced prison fascinating. I also blog about the books that I’ve read, but I guess that would count as writing!

I enjoy going to the movies. I probably spend a ridiculous amount of money on movies, but there’s just something about watching films on the big screen. I’m a very visual person so getting lost in a great movie is like candy to me. Let’s not even get into IMAX—for the right movie, it’s totally worth not feeding my family for. I am seriously just kidding … but secretly, not really. Oh, and I blog about that too, so I guess that counts as writing also. Hmm, I’m sensing a trend here!

Other than that, I love surfing, as in actual ocean surfing, which I’m not doing yet because even with a wetsuit, the water would be freezing. I did get to surf while in Australia over December so that was awesome. I love spending time with my family – we tend to do a lot of things together, so that’s always fun. We spent a month in Zurich last summer, and a month in Australia this past winter. When I was a kid, my brothers and I traveled on vacation a lot with my parents—we didn’t get the most expensive toys, but we traveled somewhere new every year as a family, which undoubtedly contributed to my love for different cultures and experiences.

I also enjoy cooking as I find it incredibly creative. There’s just something cool about preparing different dishes, and of course, having someone tell you what a great cook you are. I’m such a narcissist! Did I mention that I love food? I do. Go figure for someone who suffered with an eating disorder for years (but as you know, those are rarely related to food). I’m just glad it didn’t ruin my appreciation for good cuisine. That’s one of my favorite things about traveling … trying different edibles in different countries!

Lastly, I like puttering. I define puttering as basically walking around looking for something—anything—that I can get my hands on, whether it’s cleaning up kids’ toys, playing the piano, reorganizing a closet, or doing some gardening. I don’t like to sit still because I always like to be doing something. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of Saturdays that just disappeared in a blur of couch comfort, but that’s the exception not the rule. Life is too short to just sit around and let it pass you by.

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