Friday, May 6, 2011

Teenage Garage Sale with Author Janet Gurtler

Author of I'm Not Her, Janet Gurtler, is here with us today telling us what we'd find if she'd had a teenage garage sale. It's pretty great and we hope you enjoy it too!

Okay. A garage sale from my teen years is going to give away my age, but what the heck. I was a teen in the eighties. Yes. Big hair courtesy of home perms from my mom.

Silver ankle boots. Size 8- Honestly, can I really ask anyone to pay for these? Free to a good home.

Giant black and white cloth poster of David Lee Roth- Did I actually think he was good looking. Yes. Yes I did. All that hair. Van Halen rocked my world. Actually I think I liked Eddie the guitar player who used to be married to Valarie Bertenelli better, but for some reason David was on the poster.

Record collection- there are 45’s. Hot Child in the City.

Original Cassette Sony Walkman – with mixed tapes recorded off the radio (really)

Authentic Vintage Rainbow Jeans

Well Worn Highland Dance Shoes. Size Eight. Hold in the Right Shoe by the little toe.

Pile of Tiger Beat Magazines featuring Shaun Cassidy and my personal favourite.

Well worn vintage “Mash” T-Shirt based on the original television show.

You can learn more about Janet and her books by checking out her website HERE.

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  1. This is so full of awesome. I was a 90s kid, but I totally knew all of the words to Hot Child in the City. This is not something I would normally admit!

    - Jackie



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