Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interview with Veronica Roth, Author of Divergent

Today we have the amazing Veronica Roth with us for an interview. Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard about her book and if all the reviews out there aren't enough to convince you to buy it, maybe this interview will. She is just all kinds of awesome. Enjoy!

BCM: Was Divergent the name you originally gave your book or were there other working titles along the way? If there were other titles, can you share some with us?

VR: Oddly enough, the title of DIVERGENT has been DIVERGENT since the very first draft!

BCM: If you had the ability to travel time, what year would you choose to visit first and why?

VR: I would either visit the first year our planet was in existence (I get a protective bubble, right?) or 3011.
Actually, given my affinity for futuristic things, I’m leaning toward 3011. I just want to see what becomes of us in 1,000 years. Will we even still be here? Will we be enslaved by evil aliens? Will we be strangely unchanged? I want to know.

BCM: Describe your publishing experience in three words.

VR: Surreal. Humbling. Wonderful.

BCM: Do you write listening to music or do you need quiet?

VR: I used to need music to be playing at all times if I was going to write, and if I couldn’t find the right music, I wouldn’t write at all. Now I can write in silence or with music playing, but oddly enough, I find the music less distracting. In silence I can hear the heater and the dripping gutters and the people outside, and all those unpredictable sounds are far more distracting than music. The right music can also set the tone of my writing, for me. So I can’t listen to something upbeat when I’m trying to write something gloomy, and vice versa.

BCM: If you were a shoe, what kind and color would you be and why?

VR: A black ballet flat. It’s versatile and somewhat traditional, but doesn’t try to draw attention to itself. It is reliable and useful, but beautiful in a simple kind of way. It is content to remain in the closet while other, flashier shoes are paraded around, until that one day when its time comes and it gets the chance to show itself to the world…

…I think that ballet flat comparison may have gone a bit too far. Ha!

BCM: Thank you so much for the interview!

VR: Thank YOU for the interview!

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  1. I'd like to travel to the year 3011 too for the same reasons. I can't wait to read Divergent!

  2. I don't know if I could handle traveling to the future. I'd be scared if it all didn't turn out ok. Then I'd come back and be a rambling idiot and they'd probably lock me up.

  3. Love the Interview!! I will EVENTUALLY read this book...

  4. nice interview. now i really want to read this book.:D

  5. Such a great, fun interview! I love the ballet flat, too =) Wonderful comparison. Just got my copy and diving in now!

  6. So adorable about the ballet flats!

    I always think I'd like to see the future myself for even just a day to experience what it all could be like. How exciting! Definitely going to have to re-read DIVERGENT again soon!

  7. why dont u ask questions about her instead of shoes/

  8. you are not full of awesomeniss



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