Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Lines Author Interview with Cat Patrick

The amazing Cat Patrick is here with us today with a fun interview where she answers my questions using lines from her (awesome!) book FORGOTTEN. We hope you enjoy it! 

Being an author isn't always easy, especially with small children. How do you do it?

“What I’m really thinking right now is ‘whoa.’” (Chapter 20)

Honestly, some days I’m not sure how I do it. I work when my girls are in dreamland; thankfully they’ve always been good sleepers. My mom helps a couple of mornings a week. And I have an incredibly supportive husband. At first he was shocked that my “hobby” turned into a book deal. After that, we settled into a groove where he gets our girls up in the morning—allowing me to work during those early hours when I’m most productive—and then I take over when he leaves. When I have deadlines, he’s on daddy duty on the weekends. It’s always been my thought that you just find a way to fit in the things you really love. And I love writing so much that I make it work.

What is the most important thing you've FORGOTTEN?

“I told you all that?”
“We used to talk more,” Mom says, with a hurt look in her eyes. I’m guilty of putting it there. (Chapter 22)

I forgot my mom’s birthday once. I was traveling and selfishly wrapped up in whatever was happening in my world. What made it worse was that I called her from the airport to tell her about my day. I blabbed on and on. At the end of the conversation, she said, “I guess you forgot my birthday,” and she laughed, because it wasn’t that big of a deal to her. But I was mortified and I’ll never forget it.

Do you have any hidden talents you can tell us about?

“I can type faster than I can scribble.” (Chapter 6)

You know the funky dance move that Alx Rose does? The side snake and leg flick combo to the rockin’ beat of Paradise City?


I can do that.

Which one of your characters are you most like?

“But instead of reminiscing, I realized something major: I’m a lot stronger than I used to be.” (Epilogue)

Currently, I’m like one of the moms: probably Mrs. Henry since she’s happily married and parenting twins. But high school was a different story.

As much as I’d like to say I was laid back and foresighted like London—and even though I was a cheerleader like Carley—I was probably most like Jamie. Jamie is fiery and loyal and smart (even though she doesn’t always act like it). But she’s also someone who looks to others for validation. I did a little of that in high school…minus the slutty tops and the scandal.

What is your favorite place to write?

“I try to avoid eye contact with everyone, but sometimes it’s impossible.” (Chapter 4)

Unfortunately, I’m not someone who can block out music or the sounds of a coffee shop when I’m trying to cobble together a thought. Therefore, my favorite place to write is really the only place I write: in my office. It’s light gray and white with a wall of books for inspiration. I’m always cold so usually I’ve got a blanket on my lap and a warm drink to my left. Add time and it’s the perfect recipe for storytelling.

What has the road to publication been like for you?

“Hysteria creeps through my veins and I scream again, louder this time. ‘WHERE AM I?’” (Chapter 18)

Just kidding…

At first, the road to publication was more like a speedway. I gained an (amazing) agent three months after I began writing. Six months later, we sold the book to Little, Brown.

But then the speedway became a dirt road. For me, the waiting time between sale and publication has been the hardest part. I’m so excited for the book to come out, and patience is perhaps not my greatest virtue. But there have been milestones along the way that have made the time go by, finalizing edits with my (genius) editor, the creation of the cover, the marketing kickoff, and getting feedback from early readers. And of course, I’m also working on what’s next.


  1. I've read some amazing reviews for this book, so I'm pretty excited about reading it.
    Thanks for the interview, girls!

    Cindy, we're currently visiting all the blogs that signed up to be contributors in Deliriously Falling, so you'll hear from us soon!

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