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Two Moon Princess by Carmen Ferreiro-Estevan - Character Tweets & Giveaway

If your characters had twitter, what would their convos look like?

Because Andrea is not from Earth and she, probably, would not feel comfortable tweetting, I chose John, the American boy she gets a crush on when she is in California, to tweet his experiences in Xaren-Ra (Andrea's world). 

John's Tweets:

Arrived in Xaren-Ra tonight. Coolest place ever. Andrea's parents live in a castle. No kidding.

Met "King" and "Queen" this morning. Very friendly. Dress and act the part. Never out of character. Kind of spooky. Don't seem crazy though.

Andrea acts as if she hates it here. I love it though. Especially the guys practicing sword fighting in the courtyard. Have to try that.

Rode all day. Had not ridden since summer camp ten years ago. Kind of rusty. Now back in my room to change. Dinner is formal, Andrea says.



I must be in love. The only thing I can think of is Rosa.

Practice sword fighting today. Rosa didn't come to watch. Let's say I'm happy she didn't.

I think Rosa likes me. Can't ask her out though. Need to learn more Spanish.

Being here for a week. Mornings I ride with Andrea. Practice sword fighting in the afternoons. Quite different from my fencing in Davis.

Don Gonzalo says I'm improving with the sword.

Rosa let me hold her hand before retiring tonight. I am in love. Definitely.

Andrea and Rosa fought this morning. Andrea left. I stayed with Rosa in the garden.

No more ridding for me. I spend every morning with Rosa. The chaperon walks behind. Annoying beyond words.

Xaren-Ra is not an amusement park. So there, I've finally said it. Doesn't make it feel more real.

Xaren-Ra is another world. I am in another world. I should be freaking out. Strangely I am not. Not as long as Rosa is here.

Winter break ends today. I told Andrea I want to stay and ask Rosa to be my girlfriend. She told me to ask their father.

Talked to the King today. Too late. Rosa is engaged to Don Julian, the king of Suavia. I hate this world.

Being in my room all evening, sulking. How is it that nobody told me? Or did they and I wasn't listening?

Don Andres called me to the throne room. Great news. He has agreed to break Rosa's engagement to Don Julian. If I marry her. I said YES.

Don Andres believes I am staying in Xaren-Ra forever. Did I agree to this? I wish I had paid more attention in my Spanish classes.

Now that we are engaged, I see Rosa less than before. Makes no sense.

News from Suavia came today. Don Julian had declared war on us. Don Andres didn't hide his glee. I am to fight by his side.

Practice. Practice. Practice. With a real sword now. Not the blunt ones I used before. Don Gonzalo pushes me to my limit.

Haven't seen Andrea for days. Rosa says she is in her room.

Have been here for four weeks. I know because the moon is full again. Practice is grueling.

Saw Andrea today. She blamed me for the war and asked me to return to Earth with her. I said no. I cannot leave Rosa.

Raymond came from California. He asked me not to go to war with Don Andres and give up Rosa. Again I said no.

Andrea is gone. Nobody knows where to. Rosa gave me a memento to carry to battle. We leave in three days.

LOL Thanks John!! And Thanks Carmen Ferreiro-Estevan! So, for the giveaway, it is for a copy of Two Moon Princess! All you have to do is post a comment. Please leave your email, for example: bookscompleteme(at)gmail(dot)com.

It's USA only.
Winner will have 48hrs to respond to email with their address before another winner will be drawn.

Contest will end May 1, 2011 at Midnight EST.


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