Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teenage Garage

Teen Garage Sale:
by Gae Polisner
Author of "The Pull of Gravity"
If I had a garage sale of items dug up from when I was sixteen, here are some of the more “prized” items you might find up for grabs:

Stuffed monkey collection (usually piled up on bed and hanging wicker chair) A friend once told me I looked like a monkey (or at least that my ears did) so I decided to collect them. It was kind of a “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” kind of thing. Believe it or not, I’m still good friends with that friend. Just spoke to her tonight. And, yes, she still thinks I look like a monkey.

Round TUIT pin. Ah, a teacher gave me this and I thought it was the most clever thing ever. I’d really be hard-pressed to sell it. Funny what impresses you as a kid. Do you get it? She said to me, “Are you going to get around to it?” Then she gave me the pin so I’d always be able to say I got a round tuit. (I cant believe I found a photo of one. This was my exact TUIT).

Several pairs of Candies™ high heeled clogs. Hard to part with these despite the fact that I fell down my front steps in the ice and broke my ankle in like 45 places while wearing them. Two-for-one sale with pair of skin-tight Jordache jeans with designer pockets.

The Dollanganger Series. And several other books about crazy people like I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, the latter of which I must have read three times. I loved books about distraught people. And why do I have a huge desire now to go back and read that Dollanganger series?!?!

And a few more fond items:

Heart and pastel rainbow objects, from toe socks to mobiles to stationery.

A charm-holder necklace. All the girls had these. I wanted one so bad. My sister (who else!? Why did she always have more money than I did?) bought me one for my 16th birthday already loaded with charms, including, you guessed it, a little swinging monkey charm. 

And, (omg, omg, omg how I miss it):My Loves Baby Soft t-shirt (and Love’s Fresh Lemon and Baby Soft cologne).

Oh, and also, there was this:
My Boston Brace. (and you can have this one for free ;)). Like glasses and braces weren’t bad enough through age 14, I wept when I learned at 15 I *might* have to add one of these to my collection. My curve was at 13ᵒ degrees and they usually braced at 16ᵒ. But my dad was my orthopedist (hence the early catch) and, humoring me, we invented a new way to treat instead. I braced early, knowing I might never need to wear one, but only wore it secretly when I came home from school (or activities) overnight, until before I left for school the next morning. No one ever knew, except my best friend. Not any of my boyfriends. We didn’t know if the part-time use would work to hold the curve, but it did. A terribly vain thing to do, but in the end, orthopedists around town starting offering this alternative way to treat teens and it eventually caught on. Because, seriously, it’s hard enough being that age without one of these. Not that there aren’t worse things. Funny, from time to time, I kinda miss that dumb brace now. I bet it would feel good on this old back.

- Gae

THANK YOU so much Gae for sharing your "Garagae Sale" items with us today! How fun.
So what would be in YOUR garage sale? You might even surprise yourself!


  1. Hello Kitty everything, Ryan Phillipee Cruel Intentions poster, California Diaries series, DVD/VCR combo with the movie Sixteen Candels stuck in it, Jock James CDS, & portable CD player.

  2. I love this post...and can I please buy Gae's old Candies? Too cute!

  3. This was one of my favorite posts yet! What a great trip down memory lane this was!

    @Devan I remember getting a portable cassette player and being happy as can be! DVDs were crazy when they came out!

    I want those shoes too @Amy!!!



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