Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interview with Author Deb Caletti

I'm thrilled that today we are able to share our interview with Deb Caletti. She is the author of the absolutely amazing Stay, that was just released today, and many other great books. For a full list of her books, check out her website HERE

     We hope you enjoy the interview and stay tuned tomorrow for our review of Stay

BCM: Describe Stay for us in two sentences.

DC: Stay is the story of a young woman and her father who run to a remote beach town to escape her obsessive boyfriend.  It’s an intense portrayal of love and fear, and of the secrets we keep from others as well as from ourselves. 

BCM: If Stay were going to be made into a movie, who would be your dream actor for the role of Finn?

DC: Hmm.  Tousled hair, sweet eyes?  I had to get input on this question.  My daughter, Sam, says Ian Somerhalder from Lost.  I was thinking maybe a scruffed-up Chace Crawford.   My son, Nick, would probably name some of his real-life sailing buddies. 

BCM: Since being published, what has been your favorite moment as an author?

DC: The most amazing, incredible and goose-bumpy moment was the night of the National Book Award ceremony, when Honey, Baby, Sweetheart was a finalist.   What an astonishing thing – I felt like my dreams, my years of hard work, and my steady, lifelong love of books all collided during one, glittery night.   What an honor.  Every now and then, I still have to look at that medal in my bookcase to prove to myself that it really happened. 

BCM: Was there any one scene in Stay that was more difficult to write than others? If so, which one?

DC: Yes, but probably not the one (or two) you might imagine.  I don’t want to give anything away, but t the hardest for me was actually the scene where Clara’s father reveals his own secret to her.  In order to write an emotionally true scene, I usually try to access a similar situation I’ve been in or a comparable feeling I’ve had.  I try to get in there deep, if that makes sense.  With the Christian and Clara scenes, I could do that.  I’ve been in over my head before, in the ocean and in life.  I’ve had relationships that have frightened me.   But I’ve never had someone tell me something that would affect how I saw my entire past.  How would it really, really feel to both say something of that magnitude and hear something of that magnitude?  I had to keep working on it until it felt authentic. 

BCM: If you were forced to stop writing and choose another career, what profession would you choose?

DC: Easy.  I would be a librarian.  I love the library.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved it.  I spend hours in there.  I bring home greedy, overflowing bags.  It’s always an especially great day when I get to go.  I actually get excited pulling in to the parking lot.  I’m assuming it’s safe to confess that here, among you book lovers.  A new book – happiness. 

BCM: Thank you so very much for this interview, Deb! Stay is an incredible book!

DC: Thank you so much!  :)

If you haven't already purchased your copy of Stay, you can order it HERE. It's really, really great!


  1. Thanks for this interview! I absolutely LOVED Stay, and want to read more by her. Thanks for giving us an insight into the author herself. (And I've been trying to picture Finn too!)

  2. This was a really great review. Believe it or not, I thought the scene where's Clara's father finally reveals his secret might be one of the ones she picked. Thanks for the interview! I loved this novel.

  3. Thanks for this interview! I dsicovered this author a while back and I fell in love with her books!

  4. Oh man I feel horrible that I haven't read her work to date. I am definitely going to read this book though. Great interview!

  5. Fantastic interview. I have yet to read a book by her, by Stay's on the list.

  6. Stay is a great book!
    Thanks for the interview, Deb also did one for me which went up today =)
    I love how she tries to think of a time she also was in the situation. There is a lot of emotion in Stay and that sounds like a great way to do it.



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