Thursday, April 28, 2011

Character Interview with Jillian from Moonglass by Jessi Kirby

 Moonglass is without a doubt one of my favorite books of 2011 so far, and I'm thrilled that today we are interviewing Jillian from the book. Although Jillian is a secondary character, she makes a big splash in the story and she's not someone you'll easily forget. We hope you enjoy the interview!

BCM: What was your first thought when Anna joined the team?
Jillian: The very first? Who does this chick think she is? And then, crap, she’s fast.

BCM: How has running helped you in your own grieving process?
Jillian: It’s the one time when I can let go of everything and just be in the moment and the motion of it. Or, if I choose, I can let my legs go on autopilot and just kinad be in my head. Sometimes I need to think, and others I just need to move. Both aspects have let me deal with the process in my own way.  

BCM: Is there any one moment that you can pinpoint when you knew that Anna would become a friend to you?  

Jillian: I knew it when we shook hands at the top of that hill. I liked that she had
enough spark in her to challenge me. I respected that.
BCM: Name 5 songs that are always in rotation on your iPod.
Jillian: 59 Sound (Gaslight Anthem), Little Lion Man(Mumford and Sons), The Fixer (Pearl Jam),
Shadow of the Day (Linkin Park), Stronger (Kanye).

BCM: If you could change on thing about your past, what would it be?
Jillian: I’d do the thing I’ve done a million times in my head. I’d go back and drag my sister out of that party, no matter how hard she fought me. I’d make sure she was still running with me

BCM: What do you really think of Tyler?

Jillian: I think his cockiness almost hides the fact that he’s a good guy who cares about people and does the right thing. Anna’s lucky to have him.

This interview is part of the Moonglass blog tour from The Teen {Book} Scene. Click HERE to follow along with the rest of the tour. 

Also, learn more about author Jessi Kirby on her WEBSITE / BLOG / TWITTER / FACEBOOK.

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