Monday, March 7, 2011

Interview with Author Kim Harrington & Clarity Launch Party Pictures

Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the launch party for debut author Kim Harrington's novel, Clarity. I was so excited to meet Kim in person and, of course, thrilled to get some signed copies of the book. It turns out that the store SOLD OUT of the books by the end of the event (80 copies! And I was only responsible for buying 7 of those.) and it was really just a fantastic time. I got to meet not only Kim but also Leigh Fallon (The Carrier of the Mark, September 2011), Karsten Knight (Wildefire, June 2011) and Aimee Friedman (Sea Change).  

I also got to meet some great bloggers from the area as well, including: Emily from Red House Books, Nikki from Wicked Awesome Books, Danielle from Frenzy of Noise and a few others. If you don't already follow those fine blogs, be sure you do! 

I took several pictures while at the event so I thought I'd share them with you. :-) 

From left to right: Kim Harrington, Leigh Fallon, Karsten Knight

Kim just beginning her speech for us. She was a total natural up there. I think she was made for this!

She has such a cute smile, don't you think?

Kim's parents blew up a picture of Kim reading when she was four years old. Wasn't she adorable? 

Me with Kim when she was signing my books. I was so excited, I totally cheesed out!  :-)

The awesome cake they had made for her. It was so gorgeous no one wanted to cut the picture. It tasted really great too. Yumm!

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Okay, so now on to the interview with Kim. I hope you enjoy it!

BCM: Clare's family is full of psychic talent. If you were a member of her family, what do you think your talent would be? 

KH: Perry’s gift would creep me out. Starla’s would drive me insane. Clare’s wouldn’t be too bad if I could control it. But I think I prefer being talentless. Um, I mean, psychically talentless. ;)

BCM: Clare is a very spunky character who has learned to defend herself. What was your favorite part about writing her?

KH: She was great to write because she’s funny, sarcastic, and snarky. But I think my favorite part of her is her courage and fierce loyalty to her family.

BCM: Clarity has quite a few swoon-worthy guys in it. Thank you for that! If you had to choose between Perry, Justin or Gabriel, who would you choose and why?

KH: I am pleading the fifth for spoilery reasons. :)

BCM: When it comes to your writing, do you have a routine that you follow or do you write just whenever you have free time?

KH: When I’m writing a first draft, I work steadily every weekday. No nights, no weekends. Just moving steadily along. When I’m working on edits, I turn into an insane person. I just snap. I work all day, night, weekends until it’s done. I’m like a crazy lady.

BCM: Name three books that you've read recently and loved.

KH: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins, The Liar Society by Lisa & Laura Roecker, and Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane

BCM: We know that you have a second book coming out in the Clarity series but can we expect more?

KH: I don’t know that yet. I would LOVE to write more Clarity books and I already know what mysteries she’d face in two more books. But we’ll have to wait and see.

BCM: Can you tell us a little about your standalone book, Glimmer, coming out in the Fall of 2012?
KH: I’m so excited about it. It’s part ghost story and part mystery. I don’t know if the Glimmer title will stick, it’s just what I sold it as. But it’s about a teenage girl who discovers that the house her family just moved into is haunted, and she must solve the mystery of the ghost girl’s death.

Huge thanks go to Kim for the interview and for writing such an incredible book! If you haven't already picked up this book, do so right away. It's amazing! 


  1. Great interview and post! I would love to one day got to an actual book release party. The pics looks great!!

  2. This is my first actual release party, Savannah. It was really great! I hope you get to attend one soon too.

  3. Looks like fun Cindy!! LOVED the pics!!

  4. Great interview!! How awesome to get to meet Kim and Karsten!! I am super excited to read Clarity and Wildefire this year!!



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